Youth Programs

Many CANFP Professionals throughout California provide presentations on fertility appreciation for schools and youth groups to educate young women and men on the physiological, relational, and spiritual components of fertility and sexuality, and to support them in their commitment to a lifetime of chastity and sexual integrity.

Many regions also offer Mother / Daughter and Father / Son programs to support parents as the primary educators of their children, providing a format for children to hear other adults sharing positive messages on chastity, supplement their family discussions with presentations on physiology and anatomy, and provide resources for ongoing education.

CANFP also offers the FACTS™ program in the Monterey region, FACTS™ is a highly successful relationship education program for parents and teens. developed under a federally funded demonstration project.

CANFP is keenly interested in developing a school based curriculum for high school students, which will provide an integrated and extended program of instruction that will educate and empower teens to understand and appreciate their fertility. Those interested in contributing to this project are invited to contact CANFP to explore further.