Parents are the primary educators of their children.

Couples knowledgeable and comfortable with their own cycles of fertility are in a unique position to educate their children as they mature, on the normal changes they will experience. A husband and wife who can discuss their mutual fertility, and partner in interpreting and tracking it, will draw on this knowledge and experience when speaking to their children.

A husband who understands his wife’s physiology through their use of NFP is a uniquely credible resource for his son(s) as he begins to formulate questions about the mysteries of the opposite sex, in addition to the changes he himself is experiencing.

A wife who observes the changes in her own body day in day out, is the natural teacher for her own daughter(s) as she begins to menstruate, providing her with a chart to track her menstrual cycles, and gradually imparting the knowledge that will help her understand the biological markers that will empower her to unravel and navigate the mystery of menstrual cycles throughout her adolescent years. Young men and women who learn to understand and trust their own bodies, are in a position to appreciate fertility as a normal healthy process, and a gift to be cared for until the day they share it with their spouse.

As they mature, young women will benefit from consulting with an NFP Teacher to learn how to more precisely chart her cycles, or with a physician with special training in NFP to analyze problems she may be experiencing with her menstrual cycle.  And of course, as she prepares for marriage, she and her husband to be will want to take a full course in NFP to learn the specific observational routine of the NFP method they choose, and to learn together to chart and interpret their mutual fertility to plan their family throughout their marraige.

Many CANFP Professionals throughtout California provide presentations on fertility appreciation for schools and youth group to educate young women and men on the physiological, relational, and spiritual components of fertility and sexuality, and to support them in their commitment to a lifetime of chastity and sexual integrity.