Growing Our Team

January 27, 2023 Article by  

To expand our impact—we need to expand our team!

Seeking Committed Team Members!
Part Time Stipended Consultants, as well as committed volunteers, to develop existing—and implement new—CANFP Projects around California! We are statewide, so YES you can contribute—wherever you are!

Current Projects in Need of Your Passion and Skills: or tell us your interests!
  • Statewide Conference opportuniy to be site host, or contribute on various tasks involved in planning and executing CANFP statewide conference
  • Membership serve existing members, while expanding the impact of CANFP through identifying and engaging new members.
  • Webmaster update and maintain new launching in 2023
  • Funding & Development plan fundraising activities and processes
  • Event Planning part of team that plans and executes CANFP events
  • Parish Liaison develop parish resources, services and relationships
  • Social Media Coordinator develop and implement outreach on social media platforms
  • Speaker Training provide individual and group training to give NFP witness talks
  • Speakers Bureau identify and coordinate CANFP speakers
  • Virtual Assistant provide administrative support
  • Youth develop CANFP youth outreach

Take the LEAD as a Coordinator, or focus on one element as a team member.

Bring your ideas, passion, and skills to building NFP in California, on the CANFP Team!