Minutes Conf Call 9-30-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call, September 30, 2013 8pm-9pm

Present: Sheila St. John, Winnie Neill, Dylan St. John, Fr. Berg, Fr. Gonzales, Dr. Keenan

 The opening prayer was led by Fr. Berg.  The minutes from the last call August 26th were approved.  The agenda was adopted and discussed as follows:

1)      Fall Board Meeting, Oct 10th-11th

o   Thursday: evening event the night before the meeting @ the Cathedral 7-9pm.  Target audience is permanent deacons & parish leaders, who were invited by Archbishop to attend. Ed Hopfner estimates 20-30 deacons will attend, plus wives.

§  Archbishop and Dr. Keenan speaking, with Sheila speaking briefly and introducing board members, and moderating q and a.

o   Friday: Board Meeting

§  Tentative meeting schedule was sent to the Board

§  Next year’s schedule will be set, so Board should come prepared to discuss

o   Msgr. Tarantino – Msgr. has previously suggested upping financial support from parishes/dioceses.  Sheila will try to schedule a follow-up meeting with him for Thursday lunch with Fr. Berg.

2)      Website update given by Dylan

o   Sheila had posted an ad on idealist.org, a man responded & volunteered and has spent a lot of time assisting Dylan & Sheila with the website, so much progress is being made

§  Dylan suggested sending a thank-you gift once his work is complete

o   Board is encouraged to review the site at this link (keep in mind some is only in rough form):  (For board eyes only!)

o   Levels of access – Restricting certain content depending on the level of website access:

§  Types of access:

·         Registered site members: sign up on site with e-mail address, but not a paid member. This would be a chance to follow-up for membership.

·         Membership: existing varying levels of paid membership

§  Ask the Expert

·         Submitting a question:

o   Only paid members should be able to ask a question – will be a privilege of membership (Since there are already so many Q&A’s up, most Q’s already covered)

·         Reading previously posted Q&A’s:

o   Everyone can get a teaser

o   Only registered site members can see the full answers

§  Professional Directory

·         Board agreed that everyone should have access

§  Newsletter

·         Everyone can see a teaser

·         Registered site member view: President’s Perspective, Director’s desk

·         Paid member: can view entire newsletter

§  Parish Services (Bulletin announcements, Prayers of Faithful, Bulletin inserts)

·         Clergy can see a teaser

·         Parish: full access

·         Dioceses: no access (that way parishes will also be encouraged to become members)

§  Future website projects will include coming up with specific information targeted at the certain membership levels (clergy, dioceses, etc)

3)      Board Terms

o   The next in-person Board Meeting will include a detailed discussion on board terms

o   Sheila sent out an invitation to all physician members on interest in joining the board.  There was very little response.  Some are prayerfully considering, a few declined due to lack of time to commit (Dr. Marsh, Dr. Hammons, & Dr. Sultana).  One desirable candidate: Dr. Michel Accad, a SF physician that has previously met with Dr Keenan & Sheila.  He then declined due to lack of time as well.  Dr. Keenan suggested he would be a good future candidate, and someone to keep in touch with in the meantime.

o   Fr. Gonzales – spoke with Sister Michelle who used to be on the Board.  She suggested sending a letter to the Mother General, Mother Judith of the Carmelite Sisters, requesting a sister to volunteer on the Board (would be in Healthcare Administration). 

§  Fr. Gonzales will send the address to Dr. Keenan, who will write the letter

4)      Fall newsletter update

o   Medical Matters article received from Dr. Kotob.

o   Clergy Corner article received from seminarian Michael Liliedahl

o   Fr. Alphonsus is working on the lead article

o   Patient Perspective – Dr. Keenan will think about it for future articles

5)      Remaining 2013 Events

o   Oct. 5 Sheila presenting at LA Teachers Meeting

o   Oct. 10-11 SF Board Meeting and Outreach

o   Oct. 24-26 (set up Oct. 23) CMA Santa Barbara Meeting —exhibiting

o   Nov. 9 SF Physician Conference

 Closing Prayer: Fr. Gonzales

Minutes submitted by Caitlin St. John