Minutes Conf Call 8-26-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call August 26, 2013 8pm-9pm

Present: Dr. Keenan, Sheila St. John, Dr. Polito, Winnie Neill, Fr. Berg, Fr. Illo (partway through)

 The opening prayer was led by Fr. Berg.  The minutes from the last call July 29th were approved (with the correction noted by Winnie of the date change).  The agenda was adopted and discussed as follows:

1) Upcoming Newsletter

a.       Lead article will be written by Fr. Alphonsus—theme will be the “war on women”

b.      Clergy corner will be written by Michael, a seminarian from the SF meeting, and will be on how it impacts men.

c.       Medical Matters – nothing planned yet.

                                                               i.      Fr Illo is going to follow up with Mary Kotob, an OBGYN, and ask her to write an article.  Should follow the war on women theme (giving her leeway on the actual topic). 650 word limit, deadline is end of September. 

a.       Other “war on women” topic contributors?

                                                               i.      Patients mocked by doctors for using NFP (possibly with a comedic flair)

1.       Sheila will look through clients, Lynn will brainstorm also

b.      Suggestion for future contributors:

                                                               i.      Matt Susanka (referred by Fr. Berg) — a doctor, was at Sac workshop.  He does not personally use NFP for his patients but is on board with it.  He would be good for a Medical Matters article—something on what he sees in his practice or the effects of contraception on women, etc. 

                                                             ii.      Reynalda Martel (referred by Dr. Keenan).  NY based.

c.       Winter newsletter edition idea – to be distributed at REC, written by youth from their perspective

                                                               i.      Suggested having front page reflect a Facebook theme, with comments from youth appearing as “posts” on front page, with longer ones referring to page number for rest of article

                                                             ii.      Soliciting both briefer comments from youth & longer articles of ~ 650 words

                                                            iii.      Reynalda Martel could do the Medical Matters

                                                           iv.      High school and college age youth sharing their thoughts on contraception, NFP, sexuality, TOB, chastity, etc etc.

d.      Cartoons—would be fun to have someone with cartooning skills contribute a regular cartoon for newsletter

2)      Website

a.       Status of website: Dylan has spent hundreds of hours on the website, and has built in many of the features already we would prioritize, such as Ask the Expert, Professional Directory, etc. and they are ready to go. For a view of website in progress, Board is encouraged to review the site at this link (keep in mind some is only in rough form):  Of course, for board eyes only.

b.      Dylan has had to accept he is not able to carve out the time needed to bring remainder of website to completion, and that we need to seek assistance of someone we pay hourly for website support, both to prepare for launch, and help troubleshoot and grow functionality after launch. Dylan pursued a lead for website support, but they are unable to assist.

c.       Need: a wordpress specialist that can be an ongoing, paid-by-the-hour expert

                                                               i.      Sheila will follow up with referrals made during NOLA meeting.

If any board members have leads, pass along.

d.      Goal: launch by October (try to have by CMA meeting 10/24)

3)     3) Remaining 2013 events

a.       Sept 27-28 (set up Sept 26) – Sacramento Ministry Days. Exhibiting & Dr Marsh speaking

b.      Oct 5 – Sheila presenting at LA Teachers Meeting (promoting NFP, outreach, etc)

                                                               i.      Archbishop had to pull out. Dr. Chris Kaczor will be there upon Sheila’s rec

                                                             ii.      Sheila could stay in LA longer if anyone in the area needed work done, meetings with potential donors or volunteers, etc. Need to know asap as hope to make flight this week.

c.       Oct. 10-11 – SF Board Meeting and Outreach– see topic #4 below

d.      Nov. 9th – SF Physician Conference—we are exhibiting

4)      4) Fall Board Meeting

a.       Archbishop is able to join the board meeting on the afternoon of Friday Oct 11th.  The plan is now for the meeting to be on the 11th. 

b.      The evening before (Thur Oct 10th) will be a 90 minute presentation outreach for permanent deacons and lay parish leaders to follow up on enthusiasm of Priest Study Days. This will be planned jointly by Ed Hopfner and Sheila. Plan is to have Dr. Keenan and Archbishop speak, with Sheila and Ed speaking briefly on resources available. Board would come in for this event, and be introduced and available. If board members have any other suggestions for outreach or even meetings on the day prior to the board meeting this would be a good opportunity to nurture some SF connections.

c.       Sheila, with assistance of “staff”, has compiled results of individual seminarian surveys and evals

                                                               i.      Binder with summary of Sacramento results was sent to Steve Patton, in Sac.

                                                             ii.      Sheila and “staff” will strive to put together a comprehensive report of all our seminarian projects to share at Oct board meeting.

                                                            iii.      Fr. Berg will update us at Oct board meeting of Bishop Soto’s ability to take this info the brother bishops.

d.      Agenda suggestions:

                                                               i.      Map out newsletters for 2014

                                                             ii.      Map out events  for 2014

                                                            iii.      2014 Conference?

                                                           iv.      Seminarian Report and Assessment

                                                             v.      Outreach priorities, target audiences, etc

                                                           vi.      Members

                                                          vii.      New president.

1.       Sheila to send off questionnaires to physicians to gauge their capabilities & interest.  Will request response due date to have by October for board mtg discussion.

 Closing Prayer: Fr. Illo

 Minutes submitted by Caitlin St. John