Minutes Conf Call 7-29-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call July 29, 2013 8pm- 9pm

 Present: Sheila St. John, Lynn Keenan, Dr. Polito, Fr. Joseph Illo

 The opening prayer was led by Dr. Polito. The minutes from the June 24, 2013 conference call meeting were approved.  The agenda was adopted.


1.      SF Seminarian Report

  • ·All who presented at the SF Seminarian Program report being encouraged by the participants, and found it to be a successful and rewarding effort. It was noted that the small numbers should not deter us in future, as this was the best program yet!

2.      Newsletter

  • Summer Newsletter is in the mail, and planning discussed for coming editions. It was suggested we build the Fall edition around article by Fr. Alphonsus Hermes, with theme being “war on women”. It was proposed the next edition feature articles by young people, and that we begin soliciting those now. This edition would be distributed at REC.
  • Clergy corner contributors suggested: Fr. Goode, and the blogger seminarian from SF (Michael L.)

3.   Exhibit

  • We are being offered to continue to occupy the corner booth at REC, but cost is more than regular booth. Board left it up to Sheila to determine most cost effective decision, but indicated they thought expense might not be justified.
  • Other upcoming exhibits were discussed: Sacramento Ministry Days, Santa Barbara CMA conference, and SF conference, all this fall.

4.   Board Members

  • ·Fr. Illo met an OB/GYN who he suggested be invited to join board. It was decided he would approach her and invite membership first, so we can get to know her, and she can become familiar with CANFP. Then perhaps she can be included in mailing planned for docs, to invite them to consider board service.


Closing prayer: Fr. Illo


Minutes submitted by Sheila St John