Minutes Conf Call 6-24-13

CANFP Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Conference Call June 24, 2013 8pm- 9pm


Present: Sheila St. John, Lynn Keenan, Fr. Blaise Berg, Fr. Marcos Gonzales (called in ~9:10)


The opening prayer was led by Fr. Berg.  The minutes from the April 27, 2013 in-person meeting were approved.  The agenda was adopted (with the suggested addition of the Sacramento report and a website update) and discussed as follows:


1.      Sacramento Clergy Program Report

  • An overall successful program.  About 32 clergy were in attendance (Bishops Vasa & Soto also presented), were engaged and on board.
  • Evaluations were extensive (included a pre-/post- survey) and mostly positive. Sheila will put together a complete thorough review as well as a briefer summary packet.  It would be good to have a “promo packet” advertising the program which can be handed out to bishops etc. (rather than handing out full evaluations)

§  There was some feedback from the evaluations that the program was too long & redundant. Sheila anticipated this critique, but was unique to this particular session, due to the joint planning of it, and future programs should not be shortened based on this, but only emphasizes need for talk outlines and good communication with host if they provide speakers or topics.

2.      SF Clergy Program Report

  • A successful program with about 120 total clergy attending over the two weeks.
  • It was noted by board members presenting that the clergy were receptive and interested.  Fr.  Gonzales noted that it was a very positive experience, and a means to making an important impact on spreading our message.
  • It was a good means for networking.  It is encouraging to see the opportunities that are already happening, as well as the networking possibilities for the future

§  Sheila, and possibly Dr. Keenan, will be speaking on Catholic Radio soon-  thanks to one of the priests from the program speaking with the Archbishop and contacting the person who plans the weekly Archbishop’s hour.

§  Sheila had reached out to a physician who is a new CANFP member.  He was invited to but could not come to this program to hear Dr. Keenan speak. However, he is a part of putting on a one-day conference for physicians this fall, along with the Respect Life Director Vicki Evans.  This conference was able to be promoted during the Clergy program.  CANFP will now exhibit.  There is talks of a NaPro presentation (he is in contact with Dr. Keenan).

§  We were put In touch with the sisters at Seton Hospital about training a teacher this fall

  • There was talk (including from the Bishop) of wanting to get NFP into a high school program.  CANFP wouldlove to have the time/resources to put together a program for proposal, although not looking promising currently.  Everyone will brainstorm on program ideas, and would be a good agenda item for the next in-person board meeting.


  • Evaluations are not back yet. CANFP only received about half a dozen of our evals, but SF will share theirs when tallied (next month?) From glances at the evaluations and verbal feedback, were extremely positive reviews.  CANFP could not do the Pre-/Post- Evalutions as had come in partway through the week, so are not expecting much “room for improvement” feedback 


3.      Review agenda for upcoming SF Seminarian Program

  • Estimated by Archdiocese that 15 will be in attendance.
  • Fr. Illo had been planned for all day Friday, but can no longer do that day.  It was discussed that Fr. Illo might be moved to mostly Thursday on the pastoral applications.  Agenda had planned for implementation to be the last discussion, but shouldn’t be too disjointed to be done on Thursday instead, with ToB Friday. 
  • Bishop Cordileone will likely be beefing up the seminarian teachings.  This week will lay foundations for future events, maybe during the school year with the full group of seminarians.  Fr. Gonzales had suggested this would be better than using resources for such a small number as 15.
  • Sheila brought up cutting some couple witnesses to make room for a different topic:

§  A presentation on pornography?  It was discussed that this would be a good topic for seminarians, although cannot be done in time for this program.  Fr. Gonzales said would be good to clear ahead of time with the Archbishop to ensure that are not broadening too far out of scope. Also needs to be well presented with a good presenter- speaker suggestions welcome for future events, would be good for a conference.

§  A future talk or article from Dr. Keenan on how NaPro can address problems that currently the pill is being prescribed for (not this program)

  • Would like outlines for talks and covered topics, partially for use in the promo packet


4.      Summer Newsletter

  • The deadline is in one week, and there are no articles as of yet. The deadline was pushed to July 8th.  In the meantime, will reach out, and re-evaluate at deadline.
  • Lead article is needed. Dr. Keenan will follow up with Fr. Alphonsus for a lead article.  He might be able to re-work something (something like his ‘War on Women”
  • Article idea from Dr. Keenan.  She was e-mailed by a Billings teacher on her success with a mother-daughter program who wants to share her experience.
  • There will be reports on the recent programs so everyone can see the good works CANFP has been doing.  It would be good to include participant input
  • The Creighton class will be advertised
  • Dr. Keenan will keep putting out the President’s Perspective column
  • Clergy Corner – Father Gonzales had two priest recommendations: Fr Goode & another (Sheila will get the name, had gone to Gonzaga).  Sheila will reach out for an article.
  • There was much positive feedback received about the last newsletter. 
  • Future idea for a newsletter would be a youth oriented theme.
  • Everyone will stay in touch on what articles come in to make a cohesive theme.


5.      Website update

  • Much work has been done, but not yet ready for launch.  It will hopefully be launched this summer (adding content and functionality will continue long after launch….)   


Closing prayer: Fr. Gonzales


Minutes submitted by Caitlin St. John