Minutes Conf Call 3-25-13

CANFP Conference Call Minutes

March 25, 2013

Present: Fr. Joseph Illo, Winnie Neill, Sheila St. John, Fr. Blaise Berg

The opening prayer was led by Father Illo. The minutes of the February 25 conference call were approved. The agenda was adopted.

Newsletter Spring Edition Dr. Polito still plans to do his article for the newsletter on fertility restoration. We have a testimony article, and a second one coming in. Dr. Baggot will write a Medical Matters Column on tubal ligation reversals. Fr. Berg will write the clergy corner, and seek a Spanish translation for a testimony article.

Mass Cards The Board discussed whether or not it would be good to give Mass cards from time to time. Fr. Illo questioned whether or not it was part of our mission statement to offer Mass cards on a regular basis. Fr. Illo will send Sheila some Mass cards. She will send out a card on occasion for the spiritual help of a CANFP member, and then send the intention to the three priests on the Board. Whoever responds first can celebrate the Mass.

Santa Barbara CMA Conference   The Board discussed whether or not Sheila should attend this conference and have the CANFP booth. She will do a bit more research and report on the options at April meeting.

Directors and Officers Insurance   Sheila will renew.

April 27th Inglewood Board Meeting    A significant chunk of time at April meeting will be spent on the website. Send any agenda requests for April meeting to Sheila, in addition to the below:

·         Outreach to EE, locally and at National meeting in August in Spokane(Fr. G presenting)

·         Outreach to dioceses (reaching out to Bishops to provide programs to seminarians, clergy, catechists, etc)

·         Newsletter planning for remainder of 2013

·         CMA Meeting in Santa Barbara (Fr. Illo has reached out to physician hosting to offer our services as speaker, exhibitor, providing a brochure for their packets, etc)

·         WEBSITE     

 Website Board members looked at the website and discussed.

The closing prayer was led by Fr. Berg and the meeting concluded at 9:13 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Father Blaise Berg, Secretary.
March 25, 2013