Minutes Conf Call 2-25-13

CANFP Conference Call Minutes

February 25, 2013

Present: Dr. Lynn Keenan, Fr. Marcos Gonzalez, Fr. Joseph Illo, Winnie Neill, Sheila St. John, Fr. Blaise Berg

The opening prayer was led by Father Gonzalez. The minutes of the January 28 conference call were approved. The agenda was adopted.

 Respect Life Convening   Fr. Berg and Sheila reported on the Respect Life Convening of diocesan NFP/Post-Abortion Healing/Respect Life/Family Life Coordinators and Directors, Feb 10-12 in Santa Cruz. The speakers were top-notch: Christine Cipperly (Catholic counseling), Dr. Laura Zanello Schoepf (stem cell research), Camille Pauley (www.principlesandchoices.com), Christian and Christine Meert (www.catholicmarriageprep.com) and Trish Spindler, Tim Rosales and Carol Hogan from the California Catholic Conference.

 LA Religious Ed Congress    Sheila said it seemed kind of slow. Sales were $600 compared to last year when they were $900. Sheila did not have anyone helping her.  We had a larger booth this year. It seems to be better to stay with the California Catholic Conference booth.

 Newsletter Spring Edition   We are still looking for the lead article.  Lynn will ask Dr. Polito if he would be willing to write an article on vasectomy reversals. Fr. Berg will ask an acquaintance for a testimonial article.

 April 27th Inglewood Board Meeting      We are planning to start at 9 am on Saturday morning. The Board discussed some agenda items for the meeting. Fr. Illo suggested we speak about doing some more training sessions for seminarians or other groups in other dioceses. There was some discussion about encouraging the bishops to do a state-wide NFP promotion similar to the one that was done a few years ago, “Embracing Our Dying.” Suggested agenda items for April meeting proposed:

—Outreach to EE, locally and at National meeting in August in Spokane(Fr. G presenting)

—Outreach to dioceses (reaching out to Bishops to provide programs to seminarians, clergy, catechists, etc)

—Newsletter planning for remainder of 2013


—CMA Meeting in Santa Barbara (Fr. Illo will reach out to physician hosting to offer our services as speaker, exhibitor, providing a brochure for their packets, etc)

 The closing prayer was led by Fr. Illo and the meeting concluded at 9 pm.

 Respectfully submitted by Father Blaise Berg, Secretary.
February 25, 2013