Minutes Conf Call 1-28-13

CANFP Conference Call Minutes

January 28, 2013


Present: Lynn Keenan, Winnie Neill, Sheila St. John, Fr. Blaise Berg

The opening prayer was led by Father Berg. The minutes of the November call were approved. The agenda was adopted.

 1)    NFP Phone App The Board discussed a phone application that is being promoted as helping women track their fertility. There are many claims that are made by the company promoting this app that cannot be substantiated. For example, it is claimed that it combines the best of the methods. CANFP cannot endorse such a product (“My Fertility, MD”). The company had asked the Orange Diocese to promote the product, and the Orange Diocese had called Sheila to get more information. Sheila expressed concerns to them.

2)    End of the Year Financial State      $5300 in the hole.  

3)    Calendar  April 27 meeting will start at 9 am. The meeting in October is either for the 11th and 12th or the 10th and the 11th.  Sheila will clarify.

4)    Respect Life Convening Sheila and Fr. Berg will participate in the annual gathering of Respect Life/NFP/Rachel’s Vineyard  diocesan coordinators in Santa Cruz, Feb 10 to 12.                                        

5)    LA Religious Ed Congress  (Feb 22-24) There was some discussion about whether CANFP should have its own booth in the future. There are some advantages to sharing the booth with the California Catholic Conference. However, there are some disadvantages also.

6)    Newsletter   The Winter issue is all done. Sheila is folding them as we speak.  We still need a lead article for the Spring issue. There was some discussion about using an article submitted by the priest from Lynn’s parish. It was though that an upcoming issue (June) could focus on vasectomy reversal. Dr. Polito could submit an article and Fr. Berg would ask an acquaintance for a testimonial article.

7)    Website   We’re getting closer!   Dylan has done a lot of work on this, and Sheila also. It will be ready soon.

The closing prayer was led by Fr. Berg and the meeting concluded at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Father Blaise Berg, Secretary.
February 21, 2013