Statewide Conferences


  • A  complete listing of past CANFP statewide conferences will be available soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this brief insight into our wonderful history of California Conferences:


  • First Statewide Conference
    • 1993—25th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
    • Marriott Hotel, Santa Clara
    • Featuring Drs Billings, Clayton Barbeau, Fr. Gerald Coleman
  • Aug. 6, 1994 San Diego
    • At the Crossroads of Love & Life
      • 5th Statewide Conference
      • Nov. 22, 1997
      • Pleasanton, CA

Bridge to Health

      • 8th Statewide Conference
      • March 24, 2001
      • St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco
      • Featuring Fr. Robert Spitzer, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, Kathi and John Hamlon, Dr. Carlos Aldana, David Pollard and Jim Sweeney, Dr. Mary Davenport, Dr. Ana Luisa Aguirre, Fr. Gonzalez, Dolores Moreno, Rosy Ambriz, Lilia Morelos, Maribel and Ramon Alvarado
      • Capitolize on NFP

9th Statewide Conference

    • March 23, 2002