Regional Events

CANFP collaborates with local partners to provide regional events. Contact CANFP to discuss providing in YOUR region! Past collaborations provide some ideas:

  • Invite  the clergy in surrounding area to hear a physician speak of contraception and importance of NFP to authentic women’s healthcare
  • Host local physicians to hear a physician colleague share their experience utilizing NFP charting to diagnose and treat common, as well as serious, women’s health problems
  • Provide an evening for couples in your area to hear an update on modern methods of NFP
  • Offer a day long seminar that gives a quick but comprehensive overview of NFP, from perspective of physician, NFP Professional, and couple witness
  • Plan a day long seminar for those working to raise awareness on respect for life, to increase the understanding of the connection between contraception and abortion
  • Provide a day long workshop for leadership for those involved in marriage prep to hear about modern NFP from the testimony of couples who have used it, clergy who can articulate the importance of it for the good of marriage, physicians who can present the science and effectiveness, and NFP Professionals who are the resource for services.

Contact CANFP if you are interested in providing an outreach to your community, either to provide support and continuing education for NFP users, advocates and professionals, or outreach and formation to other professionals, lay leaders, and the community at large.