PMS / Mood Swings

Moods Affecting My Marriage and Children

I am having problems with my hormones (I think). I am 35 years old, married with three children, 5′ 3″ and 200 lbs. My eldest child is 16, second is four (nursed until I became pregnant with the third child), our third just turned two. I nursed her until three months ago. I had some baby... [Read more...]

Painful Periods, PMS, and Progesterone

I am currently on Prometrium and have been for about a year (give or take). It has been incredible in helping with my physical symptoms. Prior to this drug, I would get menstrual cramps so awful I can’t describe them, but can only really express they were, at least, a 12 on a 1-10 pain factor.... [Read more...]

Increasingly Bad PMS

I have had increasingly bad premenstrual symptoms over the last year. It started with very bad headaches about a week before my periods, which don’t go away until I start bleeding- which usually lasts about five days. I also get a dull pain in my right calf. I have been to my GP who sent me to... [Read more...]

PMS Exacerbating Mental Illness Conditions

I have suffered from mental illness since age six. I have been diagnosed with major depression with psychotic features, PTSD, borderline personality disorder and dissociative disorder. Despite these diagnoses, I am very high functioning. I maintain a professional career, I have healthy relationships... [Read more...]

My Cycle is So Different

I’m 25 years old and have been getting my period since the age of 10 1/2. From the day I got it, I pretty much had a cycle like clockwork, every 28-32 days except the occasional (maybe twice) that I missed it or the one time I got it at 18 days as a result of a car accident. Along with getting... [Read more...]

What Is Wrong With Me?

I have a situation that must be rare, but not very interesting, because I can’t find anything similar anywhere on the Internet. I began taking birth control pills when I was 19 to help clear my acne. I am now barely 27, but I quit taking the pill ten months ago because it was obvious that it was... [Read more...]

Trust Your Instincts

I have been diagnosed with Pre Menstrual Disphoric disorder, which is really affecting my life and now starting to affect my marriage as my poor husband has to put up with me being completely irrational and a time bomb for the full week leading up to my periods. We are trying for our second child in... [Read more...]

Progesterone for PMS

Hi! I am writing to you from Germany. Your website is very interesting and helpful. I have suffered from PMS since puberty. Now I am 39 years old. The PMS symptoms are stronger now and I have noticed some new symptoms as well. My Gyn prescribed Cerazette, (Gestagen) but I wanted to try bioidentical progesterone. There... [Read more...]

Teenager with PMS

Hello! My daughter is 16-years-old. She doesn’t report having problems with her periods. My concern is about her mood swings right before her period is about to start. She is ADHD and takes Concerta just to get her through the school day. She doesn’t take this medication on weekends or all... [Read more...]

Mood Swings

I am about to lose my husband because of my spontaneous mood swings. What can I do? Bonnie  Read More →

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