Clomid and PCOS

I saw some information on your website but none directly relating to the question I have and was hoping you may be kind enough to help. My question is: How does clomid use help PCOS patients conceive a healthy pregnancy? And, more specifically, how does clomid affect progesterone levels? My background:... [Read more...]

PCOS Questions

Can someone with PCOS get pregnant the natural way or is it asking the impossible? I have been married for 18 years and still have not been pregnant…We can’t afford any treatment since it’s very expensive here in Asia. Am I prone to cancer if my PCOS remains untreated? My OB GYN said... [Read more...]

Feeling Depressed and Hopeless

I have been suffering from pcod for the last seven to eight years but I got diagnosed only last year. I have taken homeopathic medicine and have had many treatments but received no help. I got my period at the age 11 and before my periods I was very slim, but after menses I gained weight, and my height... [Read more...]

Not Confident in My PCOS Treatment

I am 43 years old and for the past 15 years my hormonal balance has been increasingly off. I have been diagnosed by two doctors to have PCOS and now a third doctor states that my testorone levels are normal so it’s probably not full-blown PCOS but I do show all of the other symptoms including insulin... [Read more...]