Painful Periods

Painful Periods, PMS, and Progesterone

I am currently on Prometrium and have been for about a year (give or take). It has been incredible in helping with my physical symptoms. Prior to this drug, I would get menstrual cramps so awful I can’t describe them, but can only really express they were, at least, a 12 on a 1-10 pain factor.... [Read more...]

Is Birth Control Pill Best or Only Treatment for Teen with Painful Periods

My friend has a daughter age 15 who was considering putting her on birth control because of extreme pain/cramps during her cycle. I told her she might look into alternative ways to help alleviate the cramps/pain/heaviness of bleeding through diet versus birth control. She said she’d be interested... [Read more...]

Anxiety Over Recommended Hysterectomy

I am a 42 year old female with a regular period. My husband and I have two beautiful children ages 11 and 8. We have been blessed with NFP for three years now and I love the changes it has made in our lives and marriage. The problem is I have cervical prolapse, a cistocele and a rectocele that are progressively... [Read more...]

Heavy Painful Periods Affecting Ability to Function

I am a 21 year old, I am not sexually active, and I have never seen an OBGYN, but I am planning to see one very soon! I have experienced irregular periods since menarche at the age of 12. My periods over the last nine months (since I have started tracking in more detail) have ranged from 23 days to 75... [Read more...]

Help With Painful Periods

What do I tell a student that doesn’t want to go on the pill for severe cramping, now that she knows much more about all the side effects, yet is tempted to do so, because she remembers how it helped in the past. Fr. T  Read More →