Hormonal Imbalance

Progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone

Dear Doctor, Is there a difference in labs testing for progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone? Can you explain why would test for one, as opposed to the other, if there is? Thank you!  Read More →

What is Going On With Me?

Hi, I have a number of questions, as my menstrual cycle has changed dramatically over the past year, and my husband and I have also been trying to get pregnant during the same period. I am 32, started my periods at age 11, and had generally regular 26-28 day cycles until around 11-12 months ago. In the... [Read more...]

Use of Progesterone and Breast Cancer?

I am an NFP promoter, and am very concerned about the health risks of hormonal contraception (along with the emotional and spiritual risks, of course). I have, however, come across information that I am not sure is accurate. I thought I would check it out here. First, I have read numerous places that... [Read more...]

Long Term Concerns of Chronic Hormonal Imbalance

Hi—I was diagnosed with low progesterone, after noticing ongoing random (not premenstrual) minor brown spotting a couple times per month. I now take 200 mg oral progesterone pills post-peak, and they seem to have helped. I am wondering about the long term health risks of chronic low progesterone,... [Read more...]