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Progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone

Dear Doctor, Is there a difference in labs testing for progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone? Can you explain why would test for one, as opposed to the other, if there is? Thank you!  Read More →

Estradiol and Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy in Menopause

Dear Doctor, I would like to know your thoughts regarding taking estradiol vaginal inserts or cream, prescribed by my doctor for menopausal symptoms of dryness, thinning, etc. Imvexxy estradiol vaginal inserts were prescribed at recent visit, another time estrace .01% was discussed. My doctor assures... [Read more...]

Charting after Uterine Ablation

Can a client still chart after an uterine ablation for excessive bleeding? She is pre -menopause and would like to be able to chart but may need this surgery since she has become anemic from heavy bleeding. California NFP Teacher  Read More →

Is Endometrial Ablation Moral Option for Heavy Bleeding?

I have very heavy menstrual bleeding and its very unpleasant, embarrassing. This condition affects how I feel, the clothing I wear, and where and when to take vacations. It leaves me tired and anxious. There is now a new approach to treating heavy menstrual bleeding for women who are past their child-bearing... [Read more...]

Interested in NaProTechnology

I am interested in learning more about the NaPro Technology- how it works and the costs involved. It will be great if you could provide me some preliminary information. Regards, Marian  Read More →

Understanding Hormonal Treatments

I am an NFP promoter, and am very concerned about the health risks of hormonal contraception (along with the emotional and spiritual risks, of course). I have, however, come across information that I am not sure is accurate. I thought I would check it out here. First, I have read numerous places that... [Read more...]


I am 24 years old, my husband and I had a baby last May. Recently, I went in to my OB/GYN (very NFP friendly) because I had been having pelvic pain (jabbing) during intercourse. Pap smear was clear but they discovered that I have multiple cysts on my ovaries, and that my ovaries are enlarged because... [Read more...]

Symptoms Suggest Evaluating for PCOS and Prolactinoma

I am currently living in the Middle East as my husband is studying here – so I could use some help from an English speaking doctor. I am trying to get pregnant but keep having pink spotting a week before my period is due(often at 24 hour intervals) and then my period comes. Plus my last one was... [Read more...]

Moods Affecting My Marriage and Children

I am having problems with my hormones (I think). I am 35 years old, married with three children, 5′ 3″ and 200 lbs. My eldest child is 16, second is four (nursed until I became pregnant with the third child), our third just turned two. I nursed her until three months ago. I had some baby... [Read more...]

Painful Periods, PMS, and Progesterone

I am currently on Prometrium and have been for about a year (give or take). It has been incredible in helping with my physical symptoms. Prior to this drug, I would get menstrual cramps so awful I can’t describe them, but can only really express they were, at least, a 12 on a 1-10 pain factor.... [Read more...]

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