Teen Sexuality

Could This Result in Pregnancy?

Hey, My girlfriend and I have been together for a year and nine months now and we often engage in, um, somewhat sexual activity. My question is, if I have seminal fluid (pre ejaculate) on my penis in a slight amount and my penis comes into contact with her vagina could she become pregnant even if it... [Read more...]

13 and Worried about Late Period

Hi! I am 13 years of age. I have not had sex over the past two months and my period was due on the 5th of the month but I have not started it yet! It is now the 26th of the month and I am rather worried! Do you know what could have caused me to miss my period? Thank-you! Chantelle  Read More →

Can This Cause Pregnancy?

Hi, Well, I’m 21 years old. Just after four days of my last menses, I had a heavy petting with my boyfriend. We never had sex but he rubbed his genitals on mine and even with that, he was dry. But I’m still worried if that could get me pregnant. And lately, three months continuously, I have... [Read more...]

Didn’t Find What I Was Looking For

Actually, I just wanted to agree that your information about teen sexuality wasn’t all that helpful and to note that it sounded more like someone preaching “no sex–ever–unless you’re married” as well. I’m a 20 year old college female who came across your site... [Read more...]

Caring vs. Enabling

I read your answer to the questions about whether or not you are lecturing. It’s quite clear that you believe that sex before marriage is a dangerous thing. I get it loud and clear. It may even be so for some people. I believe that education about abstinence should continue but, in combination... [Read more...]

Discontinued pill five days after having sex

I have been using the pill (by orthocare.ca- tri-cyclen) for about two weeks. My boyfriend ejaculated in me about 4 days ago (last Sunday 8/7). I discontinued using the pill on 8/12 because I was developing a rash and was told to stop taking the pill. Now I feel that my stomach is hurting a little. Should... [Read more...]

Can this result in pregnancy?

I had sex with my boyfriend. I was wondering if semen got on me and then he put his finger in the semen then put his finger in me with semen on it could I get pregnant? Nicole  Read More →

Not ready….

I am 13 years old and my boyfriend wants to put his penis in my vagina and I am afraid I might get pregnant and I am not ready yet. What is the stuff that can get a girl pregnant?  Read More →

Can pregnancy result without intercourse?

Can you get pregnant from anal sex? I haven’t had sex and am not ready but if you do that are you at risk for pregnancy?  Read More →

Can Genital Contact Result in Pregnancy?

After having sex with my boyfriend, we were playing around and he had remnants of sperm on his hand which he penetrated me with, with the sperm still on his fingers. Would I become pregnant, or after the sperm hits air, is it no longer effective?  Read More →

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