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Periods Stopped!

I’m 15 years old – almost 16. I started my period about four years ago. My periods always were consistent. I’ve never had a problem with them being erratic. In June I didn’t get my period; in July, August, and September, it was super, super, super light. I didn’t get it... [Read more...]

What is Going on with my Cycle?

I’m 17 years old and I’ve had my period since I’ve been in 6th grade. It’s never been regular but started to be about every two months for almost a year. Then last month it came almost exactly a month after the previous. It’s now been about a month and a week since I’ve... [Read more...]

Post Pill at 14 and Worried About Unusual Bleeding

I’m 14 and I just started my period last week and it was normal for the first five days but now I’m still bleeding spots that are darker than usual. I am sexually active but I’m worried. I just got off the pill not too long ago. Help me please! Angelina  Read More →

Scared my Girlfriend Is Pregnant

I’m 16 and I have a girlfriend who I’m scared is pregnant. We had had sex about ten minutes after I had ejaculated. I think I stopped less than a minute later. Also, I’m afraid of preejaculation. Today is June 1st, and her next period is expected June 3rd. She took a pregnancy test... [Read more...]

16 and Confused

Hi. I’m 16 and very confused. I used the Pill for one week only and couldn’t stand it, so I discontinued using it. Even after taking it for such a short period of time, should I expect a delay in my period? Catherine  Read More →

15 and Want to Stop Pill

Hello. I’m 15 years old and I’m thinking about going off birth control. I take LO/ovral. (I think that’s how you spell it.) I was just wondering how my periods would be if I stopped taking it? Megan  Read More →

11 and Irregular Cycles

My daughter is 11 years old and had her first period eight months ago in August. She had what I would consider normal periods (five to seven days, about 30 days apart) for the first five months, but she did not have a period in February or yet in March. Is this normal or should I concerned? Also she... [Read more...]

Something is Not Right!

I’m fifteen, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve had a discharge. However lately it’s been a lot worse. It ranges from light discharge to heavy (mostly heavy), from white or yellow or even with a greenish tinge to brown or with blood in it. It always smells terrible. I know some... [Read more...]

How Do I Ask My Doctor About This?

I’m 18 years old and not sexually active. I’ve always had irregular periods ex. every other month I get an extremely heavy one. I’m a little worried because I’ve been having a very thick brown/black discharge with blood in it. I know that this is possibly oxygenated blood but... [Read more...]

Is This Normal for 16?

Hi, I am 16 years old and I just had my period last week or so. Right after the last day, I started to have some brown discharge almost every day, and I have had this other times also. Why? Is something wrong with me? Do I have an infection? Also I usually have a white discharge almost everyday. No matter... [Read more...]

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