Unusual Bleeding

Long Term Health Issues of Chronic Low Progesterone

Hi—I was diagnosed with low progesterone, after noticing ongoing random (not premenstrual) minor brown spotting a couple times per month. I now take 200 mg oral progesterone pills post-peak, and they seem to have helped. I am wondering about the long term health risks of chronic low progesterone,... [Read more...]

Worried What this Bleeding Means

I started my period on April 3 and finished on the 6th of April. I started spotting a dark brown sticky discharge (mucus) with little blood spotting on the 17th of April. This has continued until now (three days). I am really scared and do not know what to make of it. I think it is my ovulation period... [Read more...]

Want Better Option Than Pill—But it is all I am offered

My name is Jourdan and I am 18, never sexually active, and with no history of breast cancer or cervical cancer in my family (I don’t think). Ever since I started my period at 13 I’ve had really heavy periods with lots of almost unbearable cramps for the first two or three days of my period.... [Read more...]

Why Am I Spotting?

My last cycle began February 13th. I had intercourse on February 26 around midnight. My cycle is due March 13, which is Friday. I started spotting on Monday the 9th and it lasted for only a few hours. Tuesday I had no spotting but Wednesday it started again and lasted all day; it was very light and pink... [Read more...]

Tail End Brown Bleeding

I am 36 years old and engaged to be married soon. My fiance and I are practicing chastity and I have begun charting with a Creighton NFP practitioner about a month. My concern is this: I have tail-end brown bleeding which lasts about 5-6 days after my period ends. My NFP practicioner is concerned about... [Read more...]

Doctor Dismisses My Concerns

I am 33 years old. Ever since I went off the birth control pill (Yasmin) four years ago, I have had brown bleeding lasting about 10-14 days preceding my period. I never had this problem before I was on the pill, or while I was on the pill– it appeared for the first time, though it has persisted... [Read more...]

Skipped Last Month

I’m usually very regular with my period but I skipped last month and this month I think I’m experiencing spotting, but I’m not sure, considering I seem to bleed kind of regularly. However, I am not experiencing cramps or back pain or any type of indication that I’m actually on... [Read more...]

Spotting Every Other Day

I’m 25 and have pcos…I have lost a little weight and ever since I have been bleeding but it only happens every other day. I guess you could call it spotting. Why does this happen every other day? Ashley  Read More →

Does Spotting Mean I Am Pregnant?

My husband and I have been apart due to deployment. He has been home for almost two weeks. I am not due to start my menstrual cycle for a week. I started spotting a couple days ago but it does not look the same as my cycle or have any of the other symptoms that normally occur during or before my cycle... [Read more...]

Heavy Bleeding Won’t Stop

I am a 33-year-old female. I am having my menses since August 24th. Two weeks ago I showed this to a gyn as I wanted to conceive too. I was put on the following medications: Prometrium 200 mg cap once daily for 12 days and Metformin -ER 500mg – one tab twice daily. I have been taking the above... [Read more...]

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