Timing of Ovulation

Finding Fertile Days with Long Cycles

I only get my period every other month. When is the best time for me to become pregnant? My first two children were conceived without trying. Since my husband and I have been trying nothing is happening and I can’t seem to get pregnant. Michele  Read More →

How to Identify Most Fertile Day

I have been charting my temperature with NFP for close to a year now because my husband and I did not want to get pregnant right away, but now we are ready, and I just want to make sure I have it right instead of just dumb luck. My temperature drops on the sixth day of my cycle and rises again around... [Read more...]

Can I Tell When I Am Ovulating?

When do most people ovulate? And how can you tell if you are or not?  Read More →

How Early in Cycle Can I be Fertile?

Good-day, I have a question to ask and lt goes like this. How many days after my period can I start ovulating and possibly get pregnant because I don’t seem to count my days properly anymore? I would be very happy lf my question is answered to my own understanding. I also wish to hear more from... [Read more...]

Is Pregnancy Possible With No Menses?

Is there any possibility of getting pregnant without a menses? Can ovulation happen without a menses? Please reply. Soumya  Read More →

Pinpointing Ovulation

I am very confused. I was brought into a discussion the other afternoon with a doctor that says you can not pin point ovulation effectively by watching cervical mucus. She says taking my wife’s daily temperature is more effective and the second best reading next to a blood test. Is this true? George  Read More →

Are We Timing it Right?

I’ve been off bcp for seven months now and we’ve been trying to chart my cycles at mycycle.com and my avg cycle days are 31. It says I’m supposed to ovulate on the 11th of this month. Last month it was on the 12th so the week prior to my ovulation date all the way to three days after... [Read more...]

Can Ovulation Predictor Kits Help Determine Post Ovulatory Infertility?

My wife and I have been practicing NFP for child spacing up until now (sympto-thermal). My wife’s present medical condition has caused anxiety and scrupulousness in avoiding dry days, and other times early in the cycle — the anxiety itself being the major problem. (We have sought medical... [Read more...]

Nursing AND Pre-Menopausal

My sister, age 41, is experiencing very long mucus patches (10-15 days) and is frustrated at trying to detect ovulation. She has experienced minor breakthrough bleeding around day 5, followed by several days (up to 2 weeks) of peak type mucus…though sometimes only once a day. She is trying to avoid... [Read more...]

What Does This Mucus Mean?

I am showing signs of ovulating. My cervical mucus is white, thick and stringy – but I did not have my period this month. If I’m not ovulating, what could it be? Thank You. Kelly  Read More →

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