My Doctor Recommends Provera

I am 54 years old. Have had light spotting and prolonged periods for several years. Just had hysteroscopy and a D&C. The doctor found no polyps but said there was “white fluffy stuff”. The lab said there was endometrial hyperplasia. The doctor wants me to take Provera 15 days each month.... [Read more...]

Should I be Worried if Period Does not Start on Time After Stopping the Pill?

I am 45 years old and have been on birth control pills on and off, mostly on, since age 21. My husband is 48. I just got off my birth control pills about two months ago, after being on them for about five years this time. I had a really light period after that, but now I think I’m about 2 1/2 weeks... [Read more...]

Struggling to Figure Out Mucus Pattern

I have been trying to utilize the billings and sympto- thermal methods of nfp but have been finding that for the past several months, my mucous never changes to post-fertility status–thus have been abstaining. However, are there any rules/etc. that can be followed so that I do not have to abstain... [Read more...]

Discontinuing Birth Control Pill at 51

I am a healthy 51 year old woman. I’ve been on the birth control pill for the past 17 years (Mircett). I am also on high blood pressure meds. I recently went in for my annual physical. My doctor decided to change the birth control pill to something called Yaz. The doctor said it is better for someone... [Read more...]

Navigating Peri-Menopause

I turned 52 last October and have been experiencing what I believe is perimenopause for more than a year, shortened cycles followed by others as long as 56 days; heavy bleeding some months; and hot flashes at night. Now it has been more than 85 days since my last period in December, and lately the hot... [Read more...]

Pregnant or Menopause?

I just turned 47 in January. I had a light period in early December. It is now late January and I have not had a period. (My husband I do not use birth control.) Could this be menopause or pregnancy? I have had regular periods all my life, and one full term pregnacy. Mary  Read More →

Is This Pre-Menopause?

I am 43 and have five healthy children, my youngest is three years old. I have used the Billings Method through all my marriage and have found it very reliable. My concern is that before my last pregnancy my cycles always were 36 days or even more, sometimes 40 days long, the shortest was problably 32.... [Read more...]

Can I Still Use NFP in Perimenopause?

I am now well into the perimenopausal stage of my female life cycle and with that I have had an almost complete loss of cervical mucous. I have also had a number of years of closely watched gynecological exams due to dryness and tissue atrophy. My doctor thinks I should go on some form of birth control... [Read more...]

Is This Menopause?

Hi, Here is my background: 41 year old female, unable to get pregnant but did do several years of fertility treatments when I was in my 30’s. My mom died of ovarian cancer. I have always had a very regular cycle – every 28 days. The last year they have been changing to about every 24 –... [Read more...]

Managing Fertility in Perimenopause Years

I heard that women over 42 are pretty much sterile, no matter what. Also, I heard that if your FSH levels are high like something 37, you are automatically sterile for life and never need to use birth control. I had always heard that until you reach a full year of no periods, i.e. menopause, that you... [Read more...]

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