Irregular Cycles

Preparing to Use NFP In Future Marriage

My boy friend and I are planning on getting engaged within the next year, and married about a year or so after that. I have always had really irregular periods. I want to do NFP and use it in my future marriage. I am wondering how long I should do it before I get married and need to use it. And since... [Read more...]

At My Wits End Figuring Out What is Wrong

I am at my wit’s end as to what is wrong with me and need some advice. I was on the contraceptive pill from age 17-27 (mostly Dianette as I started to get acne from age 20) but it gave me migraines and so I switched to a POP (Cerazette) at age 26. I was on this for a year but it made my acne worse... [Read more...]

Avoiding Pregnancy with Irregular Cycles

Hello I was referred to this website from my parish pastor. I am confused regarding birth control. I understand it is not approved by the Catholic church which is my religion. My husband just recently got out of prison and we would like to plan a pregnancy but maybe next year. I was diagnosed with PCOS... [Read more...]

Skipped Last Month

I’m usually very regular with my period but I skipped last month and this month I think I’m experiencing spotting, but I’m not sure, considering I seem to bleed kind of regularly. However, I am not experiencing cramps or back pain or any type of indication that I’m actually on... [Read more...]

Thyroid and Irregular Cycles

In February I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and also prescribed with Synthroid 75 mcg. At the time that I had found out about being diagnosed w/ hypothyroid, my husband and I were and are trying to have a baby. In June, I was late for my period for two months and now again two weeks late. I have been... [Read more...]

My period did not start on the 9th this month

My last period was the 9th of last month.  This month, I had sex on the 5th, and today is the 9th and my period hasn’t started. Any ideas what that could mean? Sasha  Read More →

No Normal Menses at 17 years old

I’d like your opinion on this: a teen gets her first menstrual cycle at 16.5 years old. She has 2 light cycles, and then nothing else for the past 8 months (She is small- 5 2′, 105 lbs).  Tests were done- the only thing noted was her lack of production of estrogen. The suggestion by the... [Read more...]

Missed period for last four months but not pregnant

I have missed my period for the past four months and every month I’ve done a home pregnancy test and it’s been negative. Last month I got a blood test done and it came back negative. I have a history of irregular periods, but not like this. I don’t know what to do. Should I get tested... [Read more...]

PCOS with normal labwork?

This is a long question, for which I apologize. Some background: My OB/Gyn diagnosed me with PCOS, but my primary care doctor is skeptical of that diagnosis because although I have several of the symptoms (slight hirsutism, moderate acne, polycystic ovaries) my hormonal levels were all normal, I’m... [Read more...]

Unusual Period

I usually have a normal period, but this month I only bled three days. Now I have a brown discharge when I wipe. What can this mean or be? Laura  Read More →

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