Effects of Medication / Supplements

Clots, Meds, and Pregnancy

I am 27 and have residual blood clots in my left arm from 2006. They have not dissolved properly and still show up on my ultrasounds of my arm. I am currently on warfarin pills, after having been off of them for awhile from a doctor’s thoughts that the clots were not dangerous anymore. I have a... [Read more...]

Can I Use NFP While Taking Tamoxifen

I am 48 and perimenopausal with periods every 26 to 60 days. My husband and I used NFP during most of our married life, but have not used anything in the last five years (our youngest is 16, and I needed Clomid to achieve that pregnancy). Recently, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and will... [Read more...]

Why Isn’t Progesterone Helping Me?

I am 44 and I have a three and a five year old. I recently had some blood tests, saliva and urine tests taken after going out of my insurance network and getting a loan to pay out-of- pocket for a doctor that would help me. I have been suffering from multiple things since my first child. I have many... [Read more...]

Could Prometrium Be Cause of Ovulation Cramping?

I have taken prometrium 200mg for about a year, and doing great on it. I am 43 and have struggled with thickening of the uterus, cysts, and very heavy periods. Now I’m doing great, but every month I have really bad cramping when I ovulate. Could it be the prometrium that causes this? Cathy  Read More →

Normal Progesterone Levels

What are normal progesterone levels at 5, 6, and 7 days post ovulation?  Read More →

Effect of Progesterone on Mucus

I teach NFP and have a client who is married, with 2 children, using progesterone cream for the past 6 months for PMS. It seems to have dried up her mucus. Do you have any information on this?  Read More →

Dexedrine and Cervical Mucus

Can you tell me if Dexedrine will affect cervical mucus?  I have a client who is breastfeeding at the moment, but wishes to resume taking Dexedrine when the baby is weaned. Dexedrine isn’t on the list of meds that I currently have -is there anything you can tell me?  Read More →

Medroxyprogesterone and unusual bleeding

Last month I had my yearly check-up (pap test, etc) and was telling my Dr. about my periods being long (ten days to two weeks) along with HEAVY bleeding for a minimum of the first week and he has prescribed medroxyprogest 10 mg. This is nothing unusual and not the first time he has made notes over the... [Read more...]

Rectal Progesterone Suppositories?

Hello. I’m a general physician and at this time it is necessary for me to know about efficacy of rectal use progesterone vs. vaginal use. With best wishes.  Read More →

Clomid Regimens

I recently had an Ovarian Wedge Resection and resumed normal cycles immediately following the surgery. Two months later, my doctor prescribed clomid, cycle days 3 -5 50 mg each day in hopes of increasing my progesterone level at 7 days past peak. I didn’t ovulate. I am now waiting for my period... [Read more...]

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