Breast Feeding

Tick! Tock!

I had my first baby (little boy) on Feb. 16. I still have not had the return of my period. My husband and I want to try for another soon. (I am 36 so tick-tock!) I am getting concerned over the lack of a cycle. Is this normal? I only breastfed for four weeks. I bought some ovulation kits and never detected... [Read more...]

Does It Matter if Baby’s Bottle has Formula vs. Breastmilk?

Hi, my name is Katie. I have a seven month old baby and I have read many responses to the “return to fertility while nursing” questions. When you say “supplement with a bottle” does that mean formula or expressed milk? If my baby is mostly breastfed except for two feedings a day... [Read more...]

Fertility While Breastfeeding

My husband and I practiced NFP to avoid pregnancy for the first months of our marriage and then used it to conceive. The first time we tried, we were blessed with a baby. Unfortunately, I miscarried the baby at 4 weeks, 3 days. The next time we tried, we conceived again and I was put on progesterone.... [Read more...]

Weird Symptoms During Breastfeeding

I am eight months postpartum and still breastfeeding my child although we supplement with formula and she eats solid foods twice daily. Lately, I’ve been having some weird symptoms–anxiety, headaches, trouble sleeping, weight fluctuations etc. I’ve implemented many things to reduce... [Read more...]

Do Hormones in Our Diet Affect Return Of Fertility While Breastfeeding?

I have a question about using breastfeeding as a natural spacing of children. I heard that the hormones in our food may interfere with the effect that breastfeeding has on ovulation. Is it true? Maria  Read More →

How To Know if Fertility While Breastfeeding

I have a 12-week old baby whom I have been primarily breastfeeding, with occasional supplementation or pumping. I have noticed thick mucus discharge with a brownish tint. I have had some cramping with it. The incidents have been about 25-26 days apart. There is no actual bleeding. Is this a return to... [Read more...]

Estrace Cream Ok While Nursing?

I am 43 and have a seven-month-old that I am still nursing. She is my eighth child. I went to the OB because of extreme itching in the vaginal area and it was time for my regular pap test. She said my uterus was very small and after testing I did not have a yeast infection. She prescribed Estrace cream... [Read more...]

How Can I Tell if I am Pregnant, While Breastfeeding

I have been breastfeeding and though my menstrual cycles have not returned, I have noticed some spotting with mild cramps for the last three months usually at the same time of the month. I always think it’s implantation spotting but pregnancy tests show negative. I am currently not charting or... [Read more...]

Want to Conceive While Nursing Six Month Old

I have a six month old baby. I bottle feed during the day and nurse once before bed, once at 3am and once at 8am. I’d like to conceive another child soon but I’ve had no menstruation. Is it possible to become pregnant while nursing with no menstruation? Ashley  Read More →

Could I Conceive Two Months Postpartum?

Wondering if I could be pregnant….. My husband and I had our second daughter two months ago. We waited til five weeks after birth to have sex. We have not used protection and I am not on birth control yet (my doctor didn’t schedule my postpartum appointment until next week, which is ten... [Read more...]

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