Questions About My Cycle

Long Term Health Issues of Chronic Low Progesterone

Hi—I was diagnosed with low progesterone, after noticing ongoing random (not premenstrual) minor brown spotting a couple times per month. I now take 200 mg oral progesterone pills post-peak, and they seem to have helped. I am wondering about the long term health risks of chronic low progesterone,... [Read more...]

Anxiety Returning to Cycles Postpartum

I am eight months postpartum and still breastfeeding my child although we supplement with formula and she eats solid foods twice daily. Lately, I’ve been having some weird symptoms–anxiety, headaches, trouble sleeping, weight fluctuations etc. I’ve implemented many things to reduce... [Read more...]

What to Expect Stopping Pill at 52

What can you expect coming off the pill at 52 and what are the chances of becoming pregnant? Shuri  Read More →

Clots, Meds, and Pregnancy

I am 27 and have residual blood clots in my left arm from 2006. They have not dissolved properly and still show up on my ultrasounds of my arm. I am currently on warfarin pills, after having been off of them for awhile from a doctor’s thoughts that the clots were not dangerous anymore. I have a... [Read more...]

Pharmacist Seeks Advice for Inducing a Period Post Pill

I am a pharmacist in Alberta Canada and am hoping you will be able to help me. I have a patient who stopped her Diane 35 birth control (six years of use) pills five months ago and has not experienced a period since. During pill use she experienced regular cycles, and prior to pill use experienced regular... [Read more...]

Worried What this Bleeding Means

I started my period on April 3 and finished on the 6th of April. I started spotting a dark brown sticky discharge (mucus) with little blood spotting on the 17th of April. This has continued until now (three days). I am really scared and do not know what to make of it. I think it is my ovulation period... [Read more...]

Want Better Option Than Pill—But it is all I am offered

My name is Jourdan and I am 18, never sexually active, and with no history of breast cancer or cervical cancer in my family (I don’t think). Ever since I started my period at 13 I’ve had really heavy periods with lots of almost unbearable cramps for the first two or three days of my period.... [Read more...]

Can I Use NFP While Taking Tamoxifen

I am 48 and perimenopausal with periods every 26 to 60 days. My husband and I used NFP during most of our married life, but have not used anything in the last five years (our youngest is 16, and I needed Clomid to achieve that pregnancy). Recently, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and will... [Read more...]

Preparing to Use NFP In Future Marriage

My boy friend and I are planning on getting engaged within the next year, and married about a year or so after that. I have always had really irregular periods. I want to do NFP and use it in my future marriage. I am wondering how long I should do it before I get married and need to use it. And since... [Read more...]

Periods Have Not Returned After Stopping Pill

I have come off the pill because I got so that I was not having a period on my free week. It has been a year and my periods have gotten so light it’s just a brown discharge. I have had internal and external examinations, blood tests and everything appears to be normal. My doctor says it’s... [Read more...]

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