Prayers of the Faithful

April 6, 2014

That our eyes, ears, hearts and minds be opened to God speaking to us through the teachings of His Church, we pray to the Lord.  Read More →

March 30, 2014

For our clergy, who bravely shine the light of the Lord in the darkest areas of our lives, especially for the courage to preach on the difficult topics of abortion and contraception. We Pray to the Lord  Read More →

March 23, 2014

For couples suffering infertility, that they find peace through placing their hope and trust in God’s plan for them….We pray to the Lord.  Read More →

March 16, 2014

For us all, that we may hear God calling us to a holy life, and be not afraid to respond, knowing God will provide the graces to live His design. We Pray to the Lord  Read More →

March, 9, 2014

For all of us gathered here today, may our Lenten journey not only increase our awareness of our failings, sinfulness and disobedience, but also our desire to receive the overflowing and gracious gift of God’s love. We Pray to the Lord.  Read More →

March 2, 2014

For all married couples, for courage to seek first the kingdom of God and to be faithful stewards of the mysteries of God in their marriages. We Pray to the Lord.  Read More →