Is My Temp Accurate After Poor Sleep?

I am a breastfeeding mom of a 5 1/2 month old baby who just started rice cereal a week ago. I go to school full-time and wake up at random times in the morning from four to seven on most days. My temperature has not been very consistent. I am nervous about charting right now but I don’t want to... [Read more...]

Temp is Behaving Oddly

My husband and I have been practicing NFP for about 2.5 years now, since we married, and the last few months we have been actively trying to conceive. This month, however, has been a bit odd. My pre-shift temperatures have been higher than normal (they are usually 96.8-97.1), around 97.5. My pre-shift... [Read more...]

Cervix Position Confusing Me

How important is the cervix in interpreting your chart for Phase 3? My last chart had the following temps… 97.1 97.2 97.1 S 97.6 S 97.4 S 97.9 D 97.8 D 98.4 D 98.2 D With just that information alone, we would consider the day my temp was 98.4 as the beginning of Phase 3. However, my cervix was... [Read more...]

Am I Entering Pre-Menopause?

I am 42 and have been using NFP for eight years (married late in life). This month my cycle was very irregular. Phase I was extremely heavy and painful for a couple days and then just spotted for a ten days. I am now on Day 19, still had some mucus yesterday (Day 19) and my temp has not shifted. I typically... [Read more...]

Think We Ovulated but No Temp Rise

My wife and I have been carefully charting temperature and mucus for the past nine months since her cycles returned post-partum. This was our eighth child and we are now trying to postpone pregnancy for a while. My wife’s temperature sign has generally been more helpful than the mucus sign, as... [Read more...]

Confused by My Temp Pattern

Dear Experts, I have been charting for approx. five years. I had a laparotomy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. The Dr. told me we had less than 5% chance of ever getting pregnant. We have since been blessed with two children ages three years, and 11 months (and we had a miscarriage before our first... [Read more...]

My Temp Rise Does Not Last

I am not married yet, but engaged, and have been studying an NFP book. I began charting temperatures about eight months ago. There is something, however, that I am concerned about. The thermal shift is supposed to last at least three days to be considered an actual thermal shift (when the temp rises)... [Read more...]

Persistently Low Temp

I currently practice NFP (symtpto-thermal method) and I have been experiencing some weird stuff (hot flashes and moodiness). Probably the one thing that really puzzles me is that lately for the past 2 1/2 weeks my temperature has not been any higher than 97.2. Most of the time it is 96.7 to 97.0.... [Read more...]

No Thermal Shift Since Depo Shot

I am 37 years old and have an NFP question. I had a last depo-provera shot in July so I have been practicing the sympto-thermal method for six months now. I don’t believe I have ovulated in that time. (There has been no thermal-shift.) My problem is that, if I understand the rules correctly, in... [Read more...]

Temp Confusing Me

I  ovulated on Jan. 23. My luteal phase is 14 days. I had my menses on Feb. 6th. My BBT from Feb. 4  has been 98.8. This has remained the same even during my menses and after the menses stopped on Feb. 9. Today Feb. 12 the temp dropped to 98.0. What has been the reason for the high temps and why... [Read more...]

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