Can I Still Trust Temp in my 50’s

For 16 years I have been able to rely totally on my basal temperature for effective NFP. As I near 50, I am concerned peri-menopause will cause irregularities in my temperature charting and that I will misread my fertility cues. Will peri-menopause affect the usual .4 degree rise? IF there is no clear... [Read more...]

45 and Heavy Periods

I’m a 45 year old mother of six. My husband and I practice NFP. For a long time, my periods have been very heavy and lasted eight to ten days, with older, darker blood the last few days. The spacing varies between three weeks and eight weeks over the last year. I went to a military GYN last week... [Read more...]

Am I Officially in Menopause?

I am 53 and have not had a period in 205 days (the one I had was very light bleeding). My temperature has not exceeded 97.5 and has been quite erratic with no thermal shifts. No moist sensation, but a few days of clear mucus on tissue that disappeared when rubbing fingers together. Have been experiencing... [Read more...]

Interpreting Mucus at 50

I’m 50 years old and have continuous cervical mucus right up until my period comes. Is this normal and how can I tell when my infertile time is? Mary Ann  Read More →

Is This Menopause?

I am 47 and have five kids, the youngest being 13. We’ve used NFP all along. I’ve always had about a week-long period and never missed one except during pregnancy and after childbirth and once when I had a volleyball-sized ovarian cyst removed four years ago. I had absolutely no symptoms... [Read more...]

Struggling to Figure Out Mucus Pattern

I have been trying to utilize the billings and sympto- thermal methods of nfp but have been finding that for the past several months, my mucous never changes to post-fertility status–thus have been abstaining. However, are there any rules/etc. that can be followed so that I do not have to abstain... [Read more...]