Is Monitor Accurate?

What do you think about the Brown Monitor? It has been proved in many investigations. Is it useful to predict fertility and infertility, together with natural methods in order to be sure? I thought about this because sometimes it is difficult to register exactly the characteristics of the mucus every... [Read more...]

Disagree with Review of Lady Comp

I was driven to write after reading Sheila St. John’s review of the Lady-Comp fertility monitor. While considering buying one, I came across Ms. St. John’s review, as it comes up on the first page of Lady-Comp’s Google search. While I do not own one of these devices, and so cannot vouch... [Read more...]

Understanding Ovulation Test Kits

Hi. My husband and I have been ttc for nearly a year now without success. I have always been fairly regular. After my last period I started using an ovulation kit and I had three days of “positive” results. What is that about? Also, how do I deal with the dread that I am not pregnant? I try... [Read more...]

Which Monitor?

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last year but after being on the pill for over ten years I am not sure of the length of my luteal phase. We have been researching between the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor Kit or the Ovcue Fertility Monitor. Which would you recommend? Thanks! Lisa  Read More →

Are Ovulation Monitors Accurate?

How accurate are fertility monitors and ovulation monitors? Niketta  Read More →


Do you have any references or reviews about the product “Lady-Comp” as an NFP method? Is it reliable?  Read More →

Ovulation Detectors

I had sex with my boyfriend on Tuesday, and he came outside that night.  The next day I came into ovulation phase and this phase has continued till today ( 12/18-12/22 I checked it through ovulens detector), why does my ovulation phase last so long, I have heard that it should be like approximately... [Read more...]

Monitors to Determine Ovulation

I just had my 7th child. We learned the Creighton Model of NFP 20 years ago and learned the sympto-thermal method 2 years ago. We are a very fertile couple and I have a lot of double peaks. Now that I am getting older I am having shorter cycles. I have some health issues and my last delivery almost ended... [Read more...]