Is Eva Test Reliable?

Do you consider the Eva Test a reliable NFP method? Lina  Read More →

Is there a Natural and Effective Method for Avoiding Pregnancy?

Is there a natural and effective form of birth control? I have had an IUD in for a few years but have had some annoying side effects such as acne. My mom actually got breast cancer through the use of the patch, and using an IUD to control hormones. I would love to get my IUD removed, however I am not... [Read more...]

Explain Cycle Beads

I have been on BC for about ten years now and I recently decided to stop BC because of the side effects, eg. blood clots, loss of libido, lack of sexual feelings etc. I recently found Cycle Beads and was wondering what your thoughts were on the Cycle Beads. How effective did you think the method (Standard... [Read more...]

So Many Choices!

I have a bad experience with the pill. Don’t want to take nothing with possible side effect. I would like to be in a natural birth control method. Can you recommend me one? So many I am comfused now! I would like to know the days I ovulate. I have irregular periods.Which devices you recommend?... [Read more...]

Sympto-Thermal Method Effectiveness

I’m a relatively new user (eight months) of the Sympto-Thermal Method. I’ve been having continuous bleeding… I’m on cycle day 48 and I’ve had continuous bleeding since day 15. I contacted an ob/gyn about it and went into great detail w/ my temps, mucus, cervical position,... [Read more...]