Want to Use NFP, But Fearful if it Will Work for Me?

Hello I was referred to this website from my parish pastor. I am confused regarding birth control. I understand it is not approved by the Catholic church which is my religion. My husband just recently got out of prison and we would like to plan a pregnancy but maybe next year. I was diagnosed with PCOS... [Read more...]

How Do We Use NFP While Breastfeeding?

My wife and I would like to know how to successfully practice NFP during the nursing phase. We have been in NFP for six+ years now and have three kids close together. The first two we planned that way, the third was a surprise due to inaccuracy with using the method. We are at a place now where we would... [Read more...]

Serious Reason to Avoid Pregnancy

I am 30 years old and have been married for five years. I have three kids, all of which have been difficult pregnancies. My first one was at 28 weeks with complications, getting bacterial meningitis a week after birth, then hydrocephalus, requiring a vp shunt. For my second one, I was high risk, was... [Read more...]

Yellow Stamp Question

Hello, I am six months post-partum, and my Creighton Model instructor just recently moved me to yellow stamps because I am having consistent mucus discharge. My base infertility pattern seems to be 6 or 8 cloudy mucus every day. My question is: after I established a base infertile pattern, I had a stretch... [Read more...]

Need Postpartum NFP Refresher

My name is Amanda and my husband and I are devout Catholics looking into starting NFP. I have 15-month-old boy/girl twins and just had another child (a boy) on the 14th of August this year. Both of my pregnancies went great. It was after I delivered the babies that I had problems. I hemmhoraged really... [Read more...]

Is My Temp Accurate After Poor Sleep?

I am a breastfeeding mom of a 5 1/2 month old baby who just started rice cereal a week ago. I go to school full-time and wake up at random times in the morning from four to seven on most days. My temperature has not been very consistent. I am nervous about charting right now but I don’t want to... [Read more...]

Serious Health Reasons to Avoid Pregnancy

Our 28-yr. old niece in CA is married with children aged three yrs. and another nine mos. She has always had irregular and difficult periods (heavy bleeding, vomit, headaches). Eight yrs. ago she had a pituitary tumor- on hormone meds. She has endometriosis and was very sick during pregnancies –... [Read more...]

Temp is Behaving Oddly

My husband and I have been practicing NFP for about 2.5 years now, since we married, and the last few months we have been actively trying to conceive. This month, however, has been a bit odd. My pre-shift temperatures have been higher than normal (they are usually 96.8-97.1), around 97.5. My pre-shift... [Read more...]

Cervix Position Confusing Me

How important is the cervix in interpreting your chart for Phase 3? My last chart had the following temps… 97.1 97.2 97.1 S 97.6 S 97.4 S 97.9 D 97.8 D 98.4 D 98.2 D With just that information alone, we would consider the day my temp was 98.4 as the beginning of Phase 3. However, my cervix was... [Read more...]

Can I Still Trust Temp in my 50’s

For 16 years I have been able to rely totally on my basal temperature for effective NFP. As I near 50, I am concerned peri-menopause will cause irregularities in my temperature charting and that I will misread my fertility cues. Will peri-menopause affect the usual .4 degree rise? IF there is no clear... [Read more...]

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