Youth Speak Up!

Deadline Sept 30 for Youth Speak UP 2016

CANFP is now accepting submissions for the second edition of YOUTH SPEAK UP. More info HERE  Read More →

Preparing for Marriage with NFP by Kira Creighton

Married couples should be able to enjoy the marriage bed any day, any time…or so I thought. As a practicing Catholic, I had heard about Natural Family Planning and while I agreed it was obviously better than contraception, like the pill or condoms, I had some reservations. Kira Creighton lives in Chico... [Read more...]

Growing Up with CANFP by Caitlin, 23

I am the youngest of six children, raised by NFP-using parents. Not only did they use NFP, but when I was very young my mom was involved in founding CANFP, so CANFP and I sort of “grew up together”. All children are affected by their parent’s career choices, but having a mom who has, as long as... [Read more...]

Knowledge is Empowering, by Lindsay, 23

Many times when talking to other women my age about NFP, the immediate assumption is that my reasoning stems from religion, which, in their eyes, renders the point I had been trying to make with them moot. While being raised in a Catholic home with a Catholic doctor for a mother may have served as a... [Read more...]

Will You Love Me? by Katie, 22

These days, much too often, women give their bodies as a means of asking the question: “Will you love me?” And what so many women discover is that the answer to this question, time and time again, is “no.” When we seek love in this way, we find that we are no longer encouraging men to be gentlemen,... [Read more...]

Be a Man with NFP by Isaac, 25

I see NFP and all it teaches on sexuality, to be a blueprint for true holistic manhood. Of all the different theories and ideologies on human sexuality, only NFP unites all of a man’s faculties: body, mind and soul, to that of fatherhood. The end goal is to become a guardian and benefactor to others.... [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Father by Tim, 23

Tim Johnston, 23, lives in Connecticut, and is a Senior at Christendom College, VA. He is a Political Science major, with plans to go into political media/journalism after graduation. Growing up, my parents suggested to me the idea of asking a father’s permission before dating his daughter. I felt... [Read more...]

Observing Signs of Fertility by Melissa, 19

Melissa Ott, 19, is from Modesto, CA. She is currently a pre-nursing student in her sophomore year at Benedictine College, KS When I was fourteen, I was in the hospital for three weeks due to a ruptured appendix which caused me to have three surgeries. After I recovered, my menstrual cycles were very... [Read more...]

Selfless Love by Theresa, 19

Theresa Ott, 19, is from Modesto, CA. She is currently a pre-nursing student in her sophomore year at Benedictine College, KS Sacrifice is at the heart of love. Love is the total giving of one’s self. In marriage, a couple is to give of themselves in a way that resembles Christ when he sacrificed himself... [Read more...]

I Believe in Beauty by Holly, 18

As the “culture of death” becomes increasingly prominent in our society, true beauty has lost center stage in the lives of many. I’m not saying I subscribe to the idealistic view that we need to create a utopian society, but rather we need to reclaim the redeeming beauty of Christ— the beauty... [Read more...]

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