My NFP Story

Natural Family Planning as Pilgrimage by Molly Marie Daley

Recently, I had the incredible blessing of walking the Camino de Santiago. This ancient pilgrimage led my family and me across northern Spain, where we followed the footsteps of St. James the Apostle and ended at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It was a powerful time of prayer and miracles.... [Read more...]

Pastor Shares Why He Came with Seven Parish NFP Teaching Couples to State Conference by Fr. Larry Toschi, OSJ

Our Lady of Guadalupe Bakersfield NFP Teaching Couples, shown here with their Bishop Most Reverend Armando Ochoa, Bishop of Diocese of Fresno “Of all the Church ministries, this is the most fundamental for healing a society that faces destruction for having lost the connection between love and life... [Read more...]

Discovering NFP by Fiorella Nash

It is a cause of some embarrassment to me to admit that I had no idea what NFP was until I went to university – and that was after spending between the ages of five and seventeen at Catholic schools. In Personal and Social Health Education (sex ed) class, we spent about fifteen minutes being told that... [Read more...]

Why Our Family Supports CANFP by Stacey and David Bunn

“NFP has been a great blessing to our family. The guidance and counsel of Sheila St. John has been instrumental in making it possible for us to bring five beautiful children into the world. We are deeply grateful to God and his servants at NFP.” Stacey and David Bunn  Read More →

Life Giving Love Retreats by Michele and Tom Spencer

Married for 25 years and expecting our eleventh and last child, we thought we knew pretty much everything there was to know about marriage and family life. Life-long Catholics, we considered ourselves pretty educated about what the Church teaches about marital love. We had even taught classes on the... [Read more...]

Why We Support CANFP by Liz and George Delgado, MD

We wholeheartedly support the great work of CANFP! CANFP provides vital services in education and advocacy for the advancement of all NFP models that respect God’s natural design for human reproduction. The projects of CANFP are valuable to couples, medical professionals, priests, Protestant pastors,... [Read more...]

big sister baby brother How I Became a Teacher of NaProTechnology by Camille Iorns

I have always wanted to be a mother and dreamed of being in the center of a loving household filled with many children and a wonderful husband. I found the wonderful husband, but the children just didn’t seem to come along like I had hoped. To never conceive and bear a child was my greatest fear... [Read more...]

Dr. Golez, Dr. Keenan, Dr. Stigen, Sheila St. John The Long and Winding Road: Becoming an NFP Only Physician by Candice Golez, MD

As far as I could remember, I have always seen myself as a feminist. I was all about women empowerment and women’s rights, which included advocating the right to take fertility into one’s own hands. Independence was all about moving through, in and around society without the “baggage” of kids... [Read more...]

Unexpected Gifts of Infertility

Steve and I began our marriage just knowing that it wouldn’t be much beyond nine months before we would be holding our own perfect little newborn. Granted, we were both thirty-eight, but we were both healthy and otherwise “successful” people.  And the NFP charts we had observed during our engagement... [Read more...]

Jaden Blessings of a Broken Road

I don’t know when the journey down this broken road started but I do know that it has not ended. What I can tell you is that I traveled down a road I never imagined I would take. I learned more than I ever thought possible. I went through emotions I didn’t know were within. And I came to believe... [Read more...]

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