My NFP Story

NFP Changed Our Lives by Sarah Spencer

My husband and I were married seven years ago, and our first daughter is nine months old. At the beginning of our marriage, we loosely used the sympto-thermal method to avoid a pregnancy. We hoped to continue this self-taught method to achieve pregnancy within a year. When that didn’t happen, we began... [Read more...]

A Journey Worth Taking by Brooke Choate

Our Natural Family Planning journey has not always been an easy one, but I am able to stand here today and say that it was all worth it. In hindsight, I have always had a fairly accurate handle on my own cycles, but I didn’t get super serious about it until after I got married. I was raised Catholic... [Read more...]

Personal Witness Was the Key by Lindsey West

There was a point in my life where I was an agnostic, returning to the Catholic Church through RCIA, and struggling to understand the Church’s teachings about contraceptives. God placed a friend in my life who was a convert to Catholicism and we’d talk about some of the “difficult” teachings... [Read more...]

Learning to Live Out Our Love for Each Other by Tim Desrochers

At our wedding, Julie and I promised to be true to each other. For us, the effectiveness of NFP was not measured by prevention of conception, but by the extent to which it helped us live our marriage in the most truthful way possible. It’s not perfection of a technique, but the pursuit of perfection... [Read more...]

Questioning the Status Quo of the Pill Changed Our Lives by Katie Smith

When my husband Zach and I married in 2003, I, like every one of my girlfriends, began taking the birth control pill without hesitation. It was just something every young married woman did, like any other “to do” on the wedding planning checklist: book florist, select responsorial psalm,... [Read more...]

A “Natural” Fit in a Pregnancy Resource Center by Sharon Pearce

Having been raised as an Evangelical Christian, I was never exposed to the concept of Natural Family Planning. It wasn’t until I became the Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center (Silent Voices) in 1984 that I started to hear about NFP and the dangers of birth control. I was horrified to learn that... [Read more...]

Joan Noyes What CANFP Means to Me: Networking, Resources, and Information by Joan Noyes

Our parish held a Ministry Fair, and I hosted a booth for Natural Family Planning. I am the only NFP teacher in our parish, so I invited other NFP teachers, known to me through CANFP, to join me at the fair. We had a great time! It was a wonderful time of bonding and renewing energy... [Read more...]

Natural Family Planning as Pilgrimage by Molly Marie Daley

Recently, I had the incredible blessing of walking the Camino de Santiago. This ancient pilgrimage led my family and me across northern Spain, where we followed the footsteps of St. James the Apostle and ended at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It was a powerful time of prayer and miracles.... [Read more...]

Pastor Shares Why He Came with Seven Parish NFP Teaching Couples to State Conference by Fr. Larry Toschi, OSJ

Our Lady of Guadalupe Bakersfield NFP Teaching Couples, shown here with their Bishop Most Reverend Armando Ochoa, Bishop of Diocese of Fresno “Of all the Church ministries, this is the most fundamental for healing a society that faces destruction for having lost the connection between love and life... [Read more...]

Discovering NFP by Fiorella Nash

It is a cause of some embarrassment to me to admit that I had no idea what NFP was until I went to university – and that was after spending between the ages of five and seventeen at Catholic schools. In Personal and Social Health Education (sex ed) class, we spent about fifteen minutes being told that... [Read more...]

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