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Sara’s Suffering by Gretchen Marsh, DO

Sara, age 38, came to my family practice to get established as she and her family were new to the area. What was remarkable was that she hardly ever had menstrual periods. Even more remarkable was that only one doctor had ever investigated as to why. Sara’s story is all too common. During her teen... [Read more...]

PCOS and Sleep Disorders by Lynn Keenan, MD, FAASM and Tracey Parnell, MD

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the most common hormone problems affecting women. Varying studies report PCOS in 5-30% of the females in reproductive years. In addition, up to 70% of cases may be under diagnosed. By the Rotterdam Criteria, PCOS is diagnosed if two of the following three... [Read more...]

COLFS and NFP by George Delgado, MD and Giuliana Maola

Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) was founded over thirteen years ago in San Diego as a holistic, Christ-centered, one hundred percent pro-family and one hundred percent pro-life ministry. The mission of COLFS is to honor God by fostering a culture of life while faithfully serving the community... [Read more...]

Will the Pill Make Me Happy? by Lindsay Kerr, RPSGT

Recently, a study was done at the University of Copenhagen by Charlotte Wessel Skovlund, MSc et al looking at the correlation between depression and the use of hormonal contraceptives. The study itself took place in Denmark and spanned the course of thirteen years, looking at over one million women of... [Read more...]

Tube Trouble? by Amie Holmes, MD, OBGYN, NaPro Surgeon

Fallopian tubes are delicate structures that connect the uterus to the pelvic space, or peritoneal cavity. They are passageways for sperm and eggs and provide a location for fertilization. They direct the fertilized embryo to the uterus where implantation usually occurs. The fallopian tube is divided... [Read more...]

Letter to My Teen Patient: What I REALLY Want to Say to You by Dr. Adriana Lee

Dear Teen, I saw you for a sports physical today, and I noticed that you have been prescribed birth control in the past. I am supposed to ask you if you are using appropriate protection from STDs and whether the birth control choice is working for you. You are no longer using protection? Oh, because... [Read more...]

Is Being Pregnant Riskier than Using the Pill? by Michel Accad, MD

Yes hormonal contraception has risks, but pregnancy is even more risky!” No doubt, readers of the CANFP NEWS are familiar with this argument or a version of it. What may be less familiar is the “evidence” that pill pushers use to advance that claim. While preparing a CANFP talk on the physical... [Read more...]

A Cardiologist’s Experience with Abortion Pill Reversal by Michel Accad, MD

You never know when something you learn at a CANFP conference will come in handy! I found that out just a few weeks ago, when I received a call from the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) program, about S, a 22 year old woman who had second thoughts after going to a Planned Parenthood and receiving her first... [Read more...]

It May Not Be Too Late to Save a Life by George Delgado, MD, FAAFP

Have you ever changed your mind about something and wished you could undo what you had done? Did you ever wish you could pull back words out of the air and put them back into your mouth? Did you ever desire to undo the knots and tangles you have placed on your personal relationships? Many women today... [Read more...]

Polycystic Ovaries: Old is New Again With Robotic Ovarian Wedge Resections by Amie Holmes, MD, OB-Gyn

Polycystic ovaries (PCO) is a relatively common condition that affects four to six percent of reproductive-aged women. As the name suggests, the ovaries contain many small cysts. These cysts create a classic appearance on ultrasound called “string of pearls” because the small cysts line up around... [Read more...]

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