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Examining the Difference Between NFP and Contraception by Thomas Cavanaugh, PhD

Let’s compare natural family planning (NFP) with contraception. This may help us to remember what is at stake in embracing NFP while rejecting contraceptives. To assess a tool, we ask: what is it for? One significant defect of contraception is that it purposefully renders sexual intercourse baby-free.... [Read more...]

One Sequoia After Another by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

“One sequoia after another!” texted my friend, Fr. Richard McDonald of Kansas (who attended CANFP’s HV50 conference in 2018). Fr. Richard and I were corresponding about the sudden death of Cardinal George Pell on January 10th. Just five days earlier, Pope Francis had celebrated the funeral... [Read more...]

The Brave New World Post-Roe by George Delgado, MD

The infamous Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions, that were relegated to the heap of jurisprudence embarrassment by the recent Dobbs decision, remind us that we cannot serve God and mammon (Mt 6:24). Their nullification also demonstrates that eventually, no matter how long “eventually”... [Read more...]

Surfing as Prelude to NFP by Gary Schuberg

Before you scoff at this notion, be mindful that one of the world’s finest Catholic apologists, Peter Kreeft, penned a book under the title, I Surf, Therefore I Am. Ten years ago I left that book aboard the Southern Cross, a surf charter boat, in the surfing mecca of the world, Mentawaii Islands. Surfers... [Read more...]

Living NFP and the Formation of a Soccer Player by by Al Arévalo

Like many soccer players in their youth, I dreamt of playing professionally one day. To that end, playing soccer was paramount, but I remember being told not to play at a particular park or with certain players and that it was for my safety, and I obeyed. Later in life, I learned that those fields and... [Read more...]

Natural Family Planning: Foundation for Building a Culture of Life—Quotable Insights

“CANFP rejoices in the U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs decision which overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade law legalizing abortion nation-wide. While the issue of the legalizing or the illegalizing of abortion is now the matter of state governments, CANFP realizes that there will continue to be much work to... [Read more...]

The Family as Domestic Church by Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS

There is no doubt that the most important document issued by the Holy See in recent history on the family is the apostolic exhortation, Familiaris Consortio, which is truly a summa of the teaching of the Catholic Church on the life, the structure and the role of Christian marriage and family in the world... [Read more...]

How My Pastor Established a Successful Parish NFP Program by Camille Iorns

Fr. Joseph Illo As a Creighton Model Practitioner I was very blessed to have a supportive priest who spoke regularly about contraception and NFP during his homilies. Yet, Father Joseph Illo didn’t stop there, and his further support paved the way to a successful NFP program at our parish. I believe... [Read more...]

I Just Wish Someone Had Told Me This Sooner by Sheila St. John

Couples who come to learn Natural Family Planning are as diverse as their reasons for using it, but one sentiment is almost universal—why didn’t anyone tell me about this before? *Maria and *Gustavo came to learn NFP after four gut wrenching years trying to start a family. Their diagnosis was... [Read more...]

Reflections in this Year of St. Joseph by Tom Spencer

I was honored, and a little intimidated, when I was approached about writing an article on the influence of St. Joseph on marriage and fatherhood during this year dedicated to him by Pope Francis. But first, perhaps some context will help my reflections make more sense. Tom and Cheley Spencer, shown... [Read more...]

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