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Questioning… Accepting… Believing by Sister Paula Vandegaer

The pill was introduced to the world in 1960 and became hugely popular during the 60’s. I was studying at Catholic University during the 60’s and on my way to becoming a professional social worker. It was an exciting decade. The second Vatican Council opened October, 1962 and things began changing.... [Read more...]

Sharing Truth and Beauty with our Daughters by Loree Lippsmeyer

The young woman sitting across from me who was preparing to be married said with puzzlement, “How come I’ve never heard this before?” It is a question I have heard many times as a FertilityCare Practitioner when teaching couples about their fertility. Some couples come to me for help becoming pregnant.... [Read more...]

A Deacon, A Dad, And a Doctor Walk into a Father/Son Program, and… by Deacon Paul Sajben, MD

That could be the start of a really awesome joke. But no, it was actually the start of my great experience with the Father/Son program. In fact, I was all three of these characters, in one, and I want to share my adventure. So, here is what I experienced being involved with the program through each of... [Read more...]

FAMILY: Theology of the Body and Love by Damon Owens

Marriage and family are key topics of study here at the Theology of the Body Institute, so you can imagine how busy we have been in 2015. Pope Francis has held four world events on the topic of the family, and Theology of the Body Institute is hosting the 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress... [Read more...]

Theology of the Body and Diocesan Ministry by Ed Hopfner, MA

Life-changing!” That’s how one of my former students described her experience with Pope Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. “After my divorce, I was pretty down and got into some ‘bad habits,’ then I came across the Theology of the Body — it transformed how I was living, and... [Read more...]

Male and Female He Created Them by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

The title comes from Genesis 1:27: “God created man in His image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” This is the pattern that God stamped into creation at the very beginning, and is the basis for the spirituality of what the Church refers to as “responsible... [Read more...]

Conference Participants Share Their Thoughts

Male and Female He Created Them was one of the most impressive conferences I have ever attended: informative, engaging, and an opportunity to network with experts across the field of NFP and bioethics. It is almost impossible to single out one presentation for praise, though Ed Hopfner’s session... [Read more...]

Spirituality of NFP by Archbishop Cordileone

So you see, it all fits together: respect for God’s plan for marriage leads to a greater respect for life; living that plan cannot but engender a love for God, and therefore a desire for God, and for friendship with Christ; friendship with Christ naturally leads one to seek incorporation as a member... [Read more...]

Inspiring Confidence in Marriage by Alice Heinzen

Several years ago, my parents took my siblings and me skiing in CO for the first time. Dad was an expert skier and had high hopes that his children would also find great joy in this sport. He did all he could to get us excited about skiing in the mountains. He told us remarkable stories about his skiing... [Read more...]

Evelyn Eaton, PhD Evelyn Thayer Eaton: Requiescat in Pacem by Therese T. Maes

There’s a small brass duck sitting on my desk as I write this tribute to our beloved Evelyn Eaton. I had called her one morning after having been soundly berated by my new boss. I can’t remember now what the problem was, but I do remember pouring out my heart to her. She listened quietly, as always,... [Read more...]

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