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Our CANFP Family by Sheila St. John

As we begin a new year, we join with you, our CANFP family of supporters, and reflect on the year gone by, as we plan for the coming year. We pause to celebrate the many blessings of this past year. We thank in particular Dr. Michel Accad, for his three year term of service on the CANFP Board, and though... [Read more...]

The Search for a Perfect Baby by Mikela St. John

In biology last year, our class watched a movie called GATTACA. It dealt with a utopian society that genetically modified almost everyone and where a naturally conceived child was a rarity. The genetically imperfect were forced to work in the lowest levels of society. For most students this movie was... [Read more...]

The Connection Between Contraception and Abortion by Sheila St. John

Visitors to our CANFP exhibit often stop and peruse a brochure we offer, perhaps curious as to the answer to the provocative question it poses: What do the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood,  and Mother Theresa all agree on? They need only read as far as the subtitle to learn, it is the connection... [Read more...]

NFP Lessons: Learned, Lived, Shared by Sheila St. John

“Personally, I’m just glad the school is taking care of it, so I don’t have to” Though the incident was twenty years ago, I vividly recall witnessing a parent (who happened to also be a school board member) stand up and proclaim this at a meeting introducing parents to the new “sex ed”... [Read more...]

Sheila St. John A Lesson on Marriage by Sheila St. John

I recently observed a most beautiful expression of the nature of marriage from the  most unexpected of sources: TV. Specifically, the Butler did it. In the pantry, in conversation with the cook. If you’re a Downton Abbey fan, you know what I am talking about. For everyone else, a little background.... [Read more...]

Sheila St. John Archbishop Cordileone honored with 2015 Calegari Award

Aug. 21 and 22, 2015, 235 people gathered from throughout California (and beyond) at the event center at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco to attend the 13th statewide CANFP Conference MALE AND FEMALE HE CREATED THEM. For those of us attending our 13th of these CANFP State Conferences, the... [Read more...]

Announcing 2015 Calegari Award Recipient by Sheila St. John

The Calegari Award recipient is selected by CANFP in recognition of unique and significant contributions to the people of California, reflecting the vision, insight, and faithful dedication of Fr. Marc Calegari, SJ — advocating for NFP, and the values and principles on which it is based. Archbishop... [Read more...]

Who Would Benefit from Attending CANFP Conference? by Sheila St. John

Maria is a new NFP teacher, and is loving it, but has oh so many questions: how to get the word out, how to balance family and teaching,  how to handle those difficult charts. Oh, to spend two days with mentors who have been there done that! Joan and Jerry have been teaching NFP for two decades, know... [Read more...]

Thank You! Full Steam Ahead by Sheila St. John

As we begin a new year, our 23rd year, I want to spend a moment acknowledging those who have made all we did this past year possible. First and foremost, a sincere thank you to the donors listed in the insert of this edition, for believing what we do is important, and urgent. Know that you are always... [Read more...]

CANFP~ Path to Stewardship by Sheila St. John

Stewardship is at the heart of CANFP. We came to be, as an organization, because we saw a need to pull together the tremendous resources we have in our California NFP community, to work together to bring the good news of NFP to all. Sometimes we get suggestions that “you should do this, or you should... [Read more...]

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