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The Power of Words by Fr. Mario Rizzo

If you were to ask priests what their favorite thing about being a priest is, they would most likely tell you it is celebrating the Sacraments, most especially, celebrating Mass and Confession. Not that we get some weird satisfaction out of hearing people’s sins, but because it’s a privilege to be... [Read more...]

Diocese of Stockton Takes a Bold Step to Encourage Engaged Couples to Embrace NFP! by Deacon Steve Budnik

I was selected to assume the newly created position of Coordinator of Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Stockton in October of 2019. At that time the only Diocesan level policy related to marriage preparation was the Policy on the Place of Marriage. As you can imagine from its name this document... [Read more...]

Contraception and Confession by Fr. Michael Moore

Certainly one of the most dramatic moments in the lives of the apostles came on Easter Sunday evening. They had spent three years with our Lord in his ministry. They then experienced the tumult in Jerusalem that ended with Jesus’ death. On Sunday morning they heard rumors of Jesus’ resurrection.... [Read more...]

Turlock Celebrates Love & Life by Fr. Tom Orlando

I have been a member of CANFP for several years now. My parish, All Saints, has been a parish sponsor for a couple years now, too. I have enjoyed the CANFP magazine and its articles over the years and began to wonder, “How could CANFP help my parish?” So, I reached out, and began emailing and talking... [Read more...]

Mending the Family Tree by Fr. Chris Pollard

My family tree has a few broken branches. I have been trying to mend some of them. My father grew up in a nondescript Christian church. His grandfather James Joseph was born in Philadelphia, my great-great-grandparents having just emigrated from Ireland. My great grandfather’s turn away from God and... [Read more...]

We Have Come to Know and Believe in the Love God has for Us by Fr. John Warburton, OSJ

Hello. I am Fr. John Warburton, OSJ. This past September of 2021, I celebrated my 51st anniversary of becoming an Oblate of St. Joseph and my 41st anniversary of being ordained a Catholic priest. I am rich in family. I have eight brothers and one sister; one brother-in-law and multiple sisters-in-law,... [Read more...]

How NFP Professionals Bless a Parish by Fr. Joseph Illo

CANFP Church Member/Supporter, Star of the sea, San Francisco Over the last 30 years I’ve worked with over a dozen NFP professionals in my various parishes. Each of them has blessed both the parish and myself personally in abundance. The first woman that asked me to sponsor her made me consider: is... [Read more...]

Theology of the Body Weekly Radio Program by Fr. Edward Horning

I am happy to share with you news of a media network—ESNE—that is sharing the “good news” with the Spanish speaking world. ESNE stands for El Sembrador Nueva Evangelizacion (which translates into The Sower: New Evangelization in English). The full-time radio apostolate covers states like... [Read more...]

St. Joseph: A Model for Fathers Today by Fr. Matthew Spencer, O.S.J.

There I was again, in that musty, dimly lit confessional. I was twenty-three years old at the time, attempting to chart a course for happiness, and confession had become my compass of sorts, keeping me fixed on God along the winding path of my life. It had been a painful process though, mostly because... [Read more...]

World Youth Day Pilgrimage: Preparation for Life-Giving Decisions by Fr. Paul Schmidt, SVD

My journey with young people as a priest began with my first assignment at St. Mary’s Parish in Houston, Texas. It is a predominately African American parish. The pastor at that time was Fr. George Artis, SVD. The parish hall had just been built and was used for dances for the teenagers which I used... [Read more...]

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