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Natural Family Planning and Natural Law by Fr. Joshua Clifton

Perhaps the most common mistake made in terms of understanding the Church’s teachings regarding the use of artificial birth control to prevent pregnancy is that it pertains to Church law alone. The teaching against unnatural methods to prevent pregnancy is then understood to be simply “religious”... [Read more...]

Sharing Our Struggles Could Mean Victory for Others by Mario Rizzo

For the last eight months, I have had the opportunity to help teach a class of 100 high school students who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church. For those who are unfamiliar, Confirmation is the final stage of a young adult’s initiation into the Catholic Church.... [Read more...]

The Body of Christ by Father Tom DeSimone

How quickly time passes by: Advent, Christmas & Epiphany have come and gone, and we are back in “Ordinary Time.” However, there is nothing ordinary about the inner life and relationship within the Trinity, the life of Jesus Christ, His Church, Sacred Scripture and His Holy Sacraments. The Church... [Read more...]

Sharing the Gift of NFP by Mario Rizzo

I met Sheila St. John, the Executive Director of CANFP, and Dr. Lynn Keenan, President of the Executive Board, in the summer of 2012 at a week-long NFP conference for seminarians of the Diocese of Oakland, California. It was a very informative week, yet, due to the obvious lack of needing NFP for myself,... [Read more...]

Fr. Gonzalez Breaking the Silence by Rev. Marcos Gonzalez

I was ordained in 1994. While I was aware of the Church’s teaching on birth control when I entered the seminary, it didn’t exactly make “my radar” of important topics I would have to address as a priest. Overall I felt this was a question for couples to decide on their own. If asked, I would... [Read more...]

The Contraceptive Worldview by Fr. Thomas J. Loya, STB., MA

Fr. Thomas J. Loya, STB, MA of the Tabor Life Institute, shown here presenting at the 2015 CANFP Conference, Male and Female He Created Them. Fr. Loya’s presentations are available on DVD and CD HERE. What goes on in the bedroom does not stay there. It determines the rise and fall of civilization.... [Read more...]

We Promote NFP Because it is True by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

Fr. Blaise Berg, STD Vicar for Clergy Diocese of Sacramento On January 20th, on the way back from Pope Francis’s trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, in the context of some remarks the Pope made affirming the wisdom of Humanae Vitae, the Holy Father was quoted as saying: “God gives you methods... [Read more...]

Reversing the Trend by Fr Joseph Illo

I live in the city with the fewest children in America. San Francisco has the lowest child to adult ratio of any American city, but one of the highest canine to human ratios. There are 110,000 children and 120,000 dogs in my city (the doggies “fill the streets and parks, the outdoor cafés and shops... [Read more...]

A Father’s Legacy by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

When I was a boy, I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated magazine. I have always enjoyed following and playing sports, and have probably spent way too much time reading about my favorite teams over the years. Once a year, there would be a number of pages in the middle of the SI magazine dedicated... [Read more...]

Holy Spouses Rosary and NFP by Fr. Larry Toschi, OSJ

Several decades ago I participated in a peaceful “Life Chain.” I clearly remember encountering a small group of opposing, virulent faces chanting “Keep your rosaries off our ovaries.” As ridiculous and irreverent as the protest sounded then, throughout the years I have come to realize that there... [Read more...]

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