Member Spotlight

Meet Our Member: Jeannine and Ben Lochtenberg by Peggy Stofila

Jeannine and Ben Lochtenberg are both from large families. Jeannine is one of seven children and Ben one of nine. They knew that they wanted to have a big family of their own. They married in 1987, were open to life and had four children in six years. They moved to Manhattan Beach and became parishioners... [Read more...]

Meet Member Jenni Schaeffer by Peggy Stofila

Jenni Schaeffer lives in Chico and is a retired neonatal and pediatric intensive care nurse. She teaches long distance, and in person in the Sacramento region. When she is not teaching couples, Jenni enjoys downhill and cross country skiing, reading and hiking with her big dogs. Jenni first learned to... [Read more...]

Meet Member Peggy Stofila

I am introducing a new feature for our CANFP NEWS: Meet Our Members. I look forward to introducing one of our CANFP members in each edition, and together we will learn more about their interest and involvement in NFP, in their region of California. I will begin, in this Meet Our Members debut, by introduing... [Read more...]

Honoring the NFP Professional by Lynn Keenan, MD

I was delighted when I received the request to write an article honoring NFP professionals. I started providing restorative reproductive medicine (RRM) in 2000 and have collaborated with many amazing NFP professionals over the years. Shortly after being trained in NaProTechnology I met JoAnn Stephens... [Read more...]

In Gratitude for our NFP Instructor, Nancy by Edie Sickman

Nancy Matteoli and her husband of 47 years, Rick, themselves users of the Creighton Model FertilityCare method of NFP, also taught it for 34 years through the Mercy Healthcare System in Sacramento. Nancy recalls her decades teaching NFP as a great honor and privilege, but the greatest blessings of their... [Read more...]

Celebrating CANFP Professional Mary Davenport, MD by Annie Ryan

My very confused husband opened the randomly wrapped gift. It wasn’t his birthday or our anniversary. Watching the joy wash over his face would weeks later be overshadowed by the news that our baby wouldn’t make it. But buried deep below my grief was the observation that my OB’s warm hand on my... [Read more...]

Celebrating CANFP Professional Mary Davenport, MD by Monica Gisla

Mary Davenport, MD, FACOG, saw her last in office patient in 2021, completing 35 years in private practice. Dr. Davenport will continue to treat both new and existing patients through telehealth, at A genius in the field of NaProTechnology, I could not have been in better... [Read more...]