Sharing Truth and Beauty with our Daughters by Loree Lippsmeyer

The young woman sitting across from me who was preparing to be married said with puzzlement, “How come I’ve never heard this before?” It is a question I have heard many times as a FertilityCare Practitioner when teaching couples about their fertility. Some couples come to me for help becoming pregnant.... [Read more...]

Seek the Good by Lynn Keenan, MD

What is good in this journey of life? Lots of things may come to mind, but what are the ultimate treasures in life? God is the source of perfect love and life eternal. On this earth, our truest passions draw us toward love and life. Love of God, love of family, love of friends, love of the one to spend... [Read more...]

NFP Lessons: Learned, Lived, Shared by Sheila St. John

“Personally, I’m just glad the school is taking care of it, so I don’t have to” Though the incident was twenty years ago, I vividly recall witnessing a parent (who happened to also be a school board member) stand up and proclaim this at a meeting introducing parents to the new “sex ed”... [Read more...]

Have you considered contributing your enthusiasm, skills, talents and ideas to building NFP in California through CANFP?

Service on the Executive Board is one way, or perhaps one of the opportunities below interests you? Website Design/Update/Maintenance Urgent need for technical support for website. Project based, such as integrating MP3 and video into current wordpress site, and/or ongoing technical support needed. Desktop... [Read more...]

Are You Called to Leadership on the CANFP Executive Board?

We will expand to include two more Board Members in the coming year and are particularly interested in representation from these regions: San Diego ~ San Bernardino ~ Orange ~ Stockton ~ Santa Rosa For more info, contact  Read More →

CANFP Welcomes Two New Board Members

The Executive Board of CANFP enthusiastically welcomed two new Board Members at their semi-annual board meeting held in the Spring, 2016, in Sacramento. Readers of CANFP NEWS and visitors to may find their names familiar, from recent articles they have authored.   Mario Rizzo attends St.... [Read more...]

A Deacon, A Dad, And a Doctor Walk into a Father/Son Program, and… by Deacon Paul Sajben, MD

That could be the start of a really awesome joke. But no, it was actually the start of my great experience with the Father/Son program. In fact, I was all three of these characters, in one, and I want to share my adventure. So, here is what I experienced being involved with the program through each of... [Read more...]

Letter to My Teen Patient: What I REALLY Want to Say to You by Dr. Adriana Lee

Dear Teen, I saw you for a sports physical today, and I noticed that you have been prescribed birth control in the past. I am supposed to ask you if you are using appropriate protection from STDs and whether the birth control choice is working for you. You are no longer using protection? Oh, because... [Read more...]

Sharing Our Struggles Could Mean Victory for Others by Mario Rizzo

For the last eight months, I have had the opportunity to help teach a class of 100 high school students who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church. For those who are unfamiliar, Confirmation is the final stage of a young adult’s initiation into the Catholic Church.... [Read more...]

FAMILY: Theology of the Body and Love by Damon Owens

Marriage and family are key topics of study here at the Theology of the Body Institute, so you can imagine how busy we have been in 2015. Pope Francis has held four world events on the topic of the family, and Theology of the Body Institute is hosting the 2016 International Theology of the Body Congress... [Read more...]

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