CANFP collaborated with the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Dioceses of Sacramento and Santa Rosa, to provide their seminarians “God’s Design for Married Love” seminar over the Summer of 2017. Participating seminarians shared their seminar experience:  Bishop Vasa and Fr. Blaise Berg, STD,... [Read more...]

NFP Changed Our Lives by Sarah Spencer

My husband and I were married seven years ago, and our first daughter is nine months old. At the beginning of our marriage, we loosely used the sympto-thermal method to avoid a pregnancy. We hoped to continue this self-taught method to achieve pregnancy within a year. When that didn’t happen, we began... [Read more...]

But NFP is Difficult! by Professor Janet Smith, PhD

Many couples who have used methods of natural family planning testify that using NFP, while not always easy, has been beneficial and sometimes even extremely beneficial to their marriages and their personal spiritual lives. Their testimonies are not difficult to find in the literature of organizations... [Read more...]

A Look at Humanae Vitae from the Perspective of Tenth Anniversary by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

In July 1978, a symposium marking the tenth anniversary of Humanae Vitae took place at the University of San Francisco. The symposium was sponsored by the Archdiocese of San Francisco and the St. Ignatius Institute of the University of San Francisco. For the occasion, Cardinal Jean-Marie Villot, Secretary... [Read more...]

Sara’s Suffering by Gretchen Marsh, DO

Sara, age 38, came to my family practice to get established as she and her family were new to the area. What was remarkable was that she hardly ever had menstrual periods. Even more remarkable was that only one doctor had ever investigated as to why. Sara’s story is all too common. During her teen... [Read more...]

Humanae Vitae—Have you read it? By Lynn Keenan, MD

In 2018, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. This landmark encyclical has been one of the milestones in reaffirming and clarifying what the Church has always taught about human love and life. However, despite much talk, debate, dissension and passion about this beautiful document,... [Read more...]

Exciting Announcement! by Sheila St. John

The Church’s teaching on marital sexuality is an invitation for men and women—an invitation to let God be God, to receive the gift of God’s love and care, and to let this gift inform and transform us, so we may share that love with each other and with the world. This closing sentence in the 2006... [Read more...]

Dr. Keenan The Gift of NFP by Lynn Keenan, MD

Woven in the fabric of our being is a gift that is a reflection of how much God loves us. By creating our bodies in such complex beauty so that the mystery of life comes from love, and love leads to life, God has revealed his image as the Creator and Source of Love. Couples who use natural family planning... [Read more...]

CANFP Outreach 2017 by Sheila St. John

CANFP Executive Director Sheila St. John, Culture Project Director Christina Barba and the Los Angeles Team, all presenters at the convening of the Family Life and Respect Life Directors of the California Catholic Conference   Southern California Pregnancy Resource Center Directors and Board Members... [Read more...]

PCOS and Sleep Disorders by Lynn Keenan, MD, FAASM and Tracey Parnell, MD

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the most common hormone problems affecting women. Varying studies report PCOS in 5-30% of the females in reproductive years. In addition, up to 70% of cases may be under diagnosed. By the Rotterdam Criteria, PCOS is diagnosed if two of the following three... [Read more...]

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