Questioning… Accepting… Believing by Sister Paula Vandegaer

The pill was introduced to the world in 1960 and became hugely popular during the 60’s. I was studying at Catholic University during the 60’s and on my way to becoming a professional social worker. It was an exciting decade. The second Vatican Council opened October, 1962 and things began changing.... [Read more...]

Start the Ripple by Lynn Keenan, MD

In the Clergy Corner section of, Fr Clifton does an excellent job laying out the basis for understanding natural law, and how it applies to contraception. Articles by Sr. Vandegaer and others demonstrate some of the harms that can come to society when the natural law is broken with widespread... [Read more...]

The Connection Between Contraception and Abortion by Sheila St. John

Visitors to our CANFP exhibit often stop and peruse a brochure we offer, perhaps curious as to the answer to the provocative question it poses: What do the Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood,  and Mother Theresa all agree on? They need only read as far as the subtitle to learn, it is the connection... [Read more...]

Tube Trouble? by Amie Holmes, MD, OBGYN, NaPro Surgeon

Fallopian tubes are delicate structures that connect the uterus to the pelvic space, or peritoneal cavity. They are passageways for sperm and eggs and provide a location for fertilization. They direct the fertilized embryo to the uterus where implantation usually occurs. The fallopian tube is divided... [Read more...]

California will host 50th Anniversary of Humane Vitae July 25-28, 2018!!!

Interested in serving on the State Planning Committee? Contact CANFP to inquire about exciting opportunities to serve on the state committee. Positions available immediately for chairs and committee members  Read More →

Looking for a Speaker for Your Pregnancy Resource Center, Church, Office, or Young Adult program?

Consult the CANFP Professional Directory to find experts in your region! Click on the Professional Directory tab on this site, to locate NFP Teachers, Physicians, and Clergy, to address your group on topics such as Fertility Appreciation, Chastity, Contraception, NFP, Women’s Health, and more. Contact... [Read more...]

Natural Family Planning and Natural Law by Fr. Joshua Clifton

Perhaps the most common mistake made in terms of understanding the Church’s teachings regarding the use of artificial birth control to prevent pregnancy is that it pertains to Church law alone. The teaching against unnatural methods to prevent pregnancy is then understood to be simply “religious”... [Read more...]

Sharing Truth and Beauty with our Daughters by Loree Lippsmeyer

The young woman sitting across from me who was preparing to be married said with puzzlement, “How come I’ve never heard this before?” It is a question I have heard many times as a FertilityCare Practitioner when teaching couples about their fertility. Some couples come to me for help becoming pregnant.... [Read more...]

Seek the Good by Lynn Keenan, MD

What is good in this journey of life? Lots of things may come to mind, but what are the ultimate treasures in life? God is the source of perfect love and life eternal. On this earth, our truest passions draw us toward love and life. Love of God, love of family, love of friends, love of the one to spend... [Read more...]

NFP Lessons: Learned, Lived, Shared by Sheila St. John

“Personally, I’m just glad the school is taking care of it, so I don’t have to” Though the incident was twenty years ago, I vividly recall witnessing a parent (who happened to also be a school board member) stand up and proclaim this at a meeting introducing parents to the new “sex ed”... [Read more...]

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