Examining the Difference Between NFP and Contraception by Thomas Cavanaugh, PhD

Let’s compare natural family planning (NFP) with contraception. This may help us to remember what is at stake in embracing NFP while rejecting contraceptives. To assess a tool, we ask: what is it for? One significant defect of contraception is that it purposefully renders sexual intercourse baby-free.... [Read more...]

AMA Warning: Hormonal Birth Control Pills and IUDs Increase Breast Cancer Risk by Sheila St. John

The American Medical Association (AMA) has announced that use of hormonal birth control, including hormonal IUDs, increases by as much as 30% a woman’s relative risk of breast cancer, and led with this news in the March 23, 2023 AMA Medical Bulletin. Wait, you might ask—-didn’t we already know... [Read more...]

Follow the Science! by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

Follow the science! More than any other time in the history of the big wide world do we seem to adhere to this “sacred” dictum. Adhere to science we do, as long as it fits our apparent “sacred” needs. But when science reveals something that we do not like, for example, when it means we have to... [Read more...]

Meet Our Member: Jeannine and Ben Lochtenberg by Peggy Stofila

Jeannine and Ben Lochtenberg are both from large families. Jeannine is one of seven children and Ben one of nine. They knew that they wanted to have a big family of their own. They married in 1987, were open to life and had four children in six years. They moved to Manhattan Beach and became parishioners... [Read more...]

Be Bella. Be Natural. by Dolores Meehan, RN

On January 22, 2005, our pro life community shocked the mainstream media, the abortion industrial complex and our own local politicians by bringing a desperately needed message and movement to the streets of San Francisco and beyond—“Abortion Hurts Women” and “Abortion Hurts Families and... [Read more...]

The Power of Words by Fr. Mario Rizzo

If you were to ask priests what their favorite thing about being a priest is, they would most likely tell you it is celebrating the Sacraments, most especially, celebrating Mass and Confession. Not that we get some weird satisfaction out of hearing people’s sins, but because it’s a privilege to be... [Read more...]

CANFP Returns to LA Religious Ed Congress

Debi Hoppe and Sheila St. John at LAREC 2017 It was rewarding to return to the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress to share NFP resources, after a two year hiatus. Veteran CANFP Professional Members Joan Noyes of the Los Angeles region, and Debi Hoppe of the Orange region, both of whom have staffed... [Read more...]

Análisis De La Diferencia Entre La PFN Y La Anticoncepción por Thomas Cavanaugh, PhD

Comparemos la planificación familiar natural (PFN) con la anticoncepción. Esto puede ayudarnos a recordar lo que está en juego al adoptar la PFN y rechazar los anticonceptivos. Para evaluar una herramienta, nos preguntamos: ¿para qué sirve? Un defecto importante de la anticoncepción es que hace... [Read more...]

Thank you to our 2022 Members/Supporters!

2022 Supporters/Members of CANFP  Read More →

One Sequoia After Another by Fr. Blaise Berg, STD

“One sequoia after another!” texted my friend, Fr. Richard McDonald of Kansas (who attended CANFP’s HV50 conference in 2018). Fr. Richard and I were corresponding about the sudden death of Cardinal George Pell on January 10th. Just five days earlier, Pope Francis had celebrated the funeral... [Read more...]

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