The Many Faces of NFP by Sheila St. John

Natural Family Planning is a generic term to describe many techniques for identifying the fertile and infertile days of the cycle. Outdated techniques relied on a history of cycles, and then used mathematical calculations to “guess” when ovulation would occur in the coming cycle. Ironically, many... [Read more...]

NFP Teacher: AKA Miracle Worker by Lynn Keenan, MD

This edition of CANFNEWS is a celebration of NFP teachers! Teaching the method is itself a great gift, but sometimes I think it is just the tip of the iceberg of the impact these teachers have on our culture. The NFP teacher does so much more than impart facts. They share a personal relationship, supporting... [Read more...]

Our CANFP Family by Sheila St. John

As we begin a new year, we join with you, our CANFP family of supporters, and reflect on the year gone by, as we plan for the coming year. We pause to celebrate the many blessings of this past year. We thank in particular Dr. Michel Accad, for his three year term of service on the CANFP Board, and though... [Read more...]

COLFS and NFP by George Delgado, MD and Giuliana Maola

Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) was founded over thirteen years ago in San Diego as a holistic, Christ-centered, one hundred percent pro-family and one hundred percent pro-life ministry. The mission of COLFS is to honor God by fostering a culture of life while faithfully serving the community... [Read more...]

Building Up His Kingdom by Rev. Robert Borges

The sanctity of life is a basic tenet of our Christian faith. We will soon be entering into the Lenten season. Lent is a time when we reflect more intently on the fact that we are sinners, in need of God’s love and mercy. But in this reflection we also experience all the more the infinite love and... [Read more...]

A “Natural” Fit in a Pregnancy Resource Center by Sharon Pearce

Having been raised as an Evangelical Christian, I was never exposed to the concept of Natural Family Planning. It wasn’t until I became the Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center (Silent Voices) in 1984 that I started to hear about NFP and the dangers of birth control. I was horrified to learn that... [Read more...]

Offering NFP in A Physician’s Office by Mary Anne Anderson, RN, MSN, CFCP

As a Creighton Model Certified FertilityCare Practitioner (CFCP), I can work in various service settings. A multiplicity of practice designs is very important for reaching women/couples with differing needs and preferences. The natural family planning consultant (aka teacher) serves families best when... [Read more...]

NFP As Part of Diocesan Marriage Prep by Dolores Moreno, CFCP

An intro to NFP became a prerequisite for marriage in the Diocese of San Jose circa 1982, after (then) Bishop DuMaine met with community leaders who advocated for the importance of NFP, and pledged to support the Catholic Church in promoting this safe, effective and morally acceptable means of family... [Read more...]

Dr. Howard Herning Howard Herning, MD 1922-2016

A beloved pioneer of NFP in California, Howard Herning, MD, passed away in the Fall, 2016, at the age of 93. Until his last few months of failing health, Dr. Herning was living with his beloved wife of 66 years, Dorothy, in the same San Francisco home his parents Harry and Hazel (McLinden) Herning brought... [Read more...]

Thank you to 2016 CANFP Supporters!

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