Questions About Morning After Pill

Hello, I am the Nurse Manager at a California Pregnancy Counseling Center and I used to be a FertilityCare Practitioner with the Creighton Model. I believe I have contacted you before regarding other topics (like abortion pill reversals or contraception information, etc.) but since these questions will... [Read more...]

Migraines and Pregnancy Hormones

I get cyclical migraines seven days before my period (normally for three days). Last month I had one for four days and then discovered I was pregnant; I was thrilled. A month later I got the WORST cluster migraine ever with two days of an ice-pick headache on top! I found out I had a silent miscarriage... [Read more...]

Charting for Restless Leg Syndrome

My 17 year old daughter has been dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for many years. She has also been bothered by anxiety attacks recently. One medical doctor put her on Zoloft for the anxiety and sent her to a sleep doctor. The sleep doctor said the Zoloft will make her RLS worse and changed it... [Read more...]

Estrogen For My Baby

Dear CANFP, I just have a question about this estrogen our baby’s doctor prescribed her. If you have any input or anything, a website, anything I would be most appreciative! We had her four month checkup and the doctor noticed that inside her vagina she is not completely opened up… obviously... [Read more...]

Hepatitis B Exposure

My girlfriend is chronic active carrier of the hepatitis B virus. After second vaccination with twinrex my antibody titer shows 4 units. How protected am I? What activities are safe and which ones are not? Does this mean that I am not responding to the vaccine? Does this mean that if I am going to get... [Read more...]