Vasectomy / Vasectomy Reversal

Struggling with Vasectomy

My husband and I were married in the Church 26 years ago. I had converted beforehand, more so for him than for myself. We were blessed with four sons, but my husband felt strongly that we could not continue having children for many reasons (one being post-partum depression on my part). He was compelled... [Read more...]

Conflicting Advice Regarding Need to Reverse Vasectomy

I write in some confusion, as a non-Catholic (non-anything, in fact), but I believe I need advice. I was married for some time, to a Catholic, and we had three children (all now adults). After that, and following consultation with the young and quite liberal priest who married us, I had a vasectomy.... [Read more...]

Returning to Catholic Church After Vasectomy

So I grew up Catholic. When I became an adult I lost my desire to be part of the Church. I stopped going to Mass etc. During this time I was married, not in the Church, and have three kids. I then had a vasectomy. Now I find myself missing the Church and I want my children to know it and the love of... [Read more...]

Are Abnormal Sperm a Concern After Vasectomy Reversal

My new husband is not a Catholic but is willing to undergo a vasectomy reversal at my request. But the clinic where he will have it done said he would need to use a condom until the sperm returns to normal after three months to avoid birth defects. I don’t believe in birth control because I am... [Read more...]

Struggling Since Vasectomy

My husband and I have been struggling in our marriage since having a vasectomy about four years ago. I was not a Catholic at the time. We had three small children and then I lost both of my parents within a few months. I was overwhelmed and grief stricken. My husband, who was concerned for my sanity,... [Read more...]

Vasectomy Nightmare

My husband is 31 years old and had a vasectomy done in Savannah, Georgia on Jan. 12th. Two days later, I had to rush him to the emergency room because he was completely black and blue and the size of a softball. The E.R. doctors sent him for an ultrasound and found that his left testicle was just a piece... [Read more...]

Enlarged Testicle

My husband recently had a vasectomy reversal. Afterwards, when the main bruising and swelling had gone away, his right testicle was still very large, swollen, but with no bruising, pain, redness,etc. It is approx. twice the size of the other one and the scrotum skin does seem to be attached to the testicle... [Read more...]

Mood Swings Vasectomy Related?

Is it posible that after having a vasectemy, that hormones change and can elevate and can cause irritable mood swings? I have found myself in this way the past two months. My vasectomy was in February. Brian  Read More →

Could I Still Be Fertile Three Months After Vasectomy?

Hi, I’m a 29 yr old male who had a vacetomy in the beginning of this year. I was wondering if it’s still possible to get my wife pregnant? I have not gone in for my follow up visits. We havn’t used any other type of birth control. It’s been three months since I’ve had the... [Read more...]

Sperm Present Following Vasectomy

My husband had a vasectomy around 4 1/2 months ago. We took a seminal fluid sample in after thirty ejections and it was positive so we waited until about a week ago to take another sample in and it came back negative. Does this mean he is sterile or should we take another sample in? Is it possible to... [Read more...]

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