Seminal Fluid / Analysis

Questions About Perforated Condom

I just found your site as I was searching for a collection condom. I read the answer and question about perforating the condom with a sterile needle to get at least one drop of semen into the women. I have a few questions as I am in the same situation as the anonymous person who asked the question. Does... [Read more...]

Runny Red Seminal Fluid

My question is in regards to the question asked before on Low Volume Red Tinged Ejaculate. I noticed my normal ejaculation go to red runny fluid over the last four years. During this time I had several PSA tests (all normal) and a prostrate biopsy (negative). The doctor even tested a sample for blood... [Read more...]

Bacteria in Seminal Fluid

My husband went for a sperm count. They found white blood cells and bacteria in it. They didn`t specify what kind of bacteria, however he has been having problems with it for a long time because he has had a cyst in the duct and pain in the testicle, but more pain shooting up along the leg. He went to... [Read more...]

Moral Seminal Fluid Analysis

Hello, I have a question regarding semen analysis. As an observant Jew, my Rabbi has instructed me that the best method of collecting the semen is to use a condom during regular intercourse. I have to make sure that some (even a drop) of the semen gets released into my wife (not the condom). I would... [Read more...]

Need to Abstain to Increase Sperm Count?

Does frequent ejaculation decrease sperm count, making chances less for acheiving pregnancy? Matt  Read More →

Seminal Fluid 1A

What are the chances of increasing your seminal fluid? I read that an enlarged prostate may have an effect? Cliff  Read More →

Chunky Seminal Fluid

Dear Sirs, I have recently gotten into a relationship with a woman after not having any sexual relations since my divorce nearly seven years ago. My girlfriend and I have had sex however she sometimes gets yeast infections after we have sex. She claims she has never had any problems in the past and I... [Read more...]

Improving Sperm Count and Motility

What effective drug(s) help sperm count and motility and how long does it take to start reaping the effect. Aham  Read More →

Red Tinged Ejaculate

Over the past year or two the amount of seminal fluid I ejaculte has decreased almost to the point of none at all. It was for a short period tinged with red but this has stopped now. My age is 63 and I wonder if this is just an aging process. John  Read More →

Is semen affected by antibiotics, viruses or bacteria?

Is semen affected by antibiotics, viruses, or bacteria? I’m scheduled for a semen analysis in a couple days and am curious.  Read More →

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