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Struggling with Vasectomy

My husband and I were married in the Church 26 years ago. I had converted beforehand, more so for him than for myself. We were blessed with four sons, but my husband felt strongly that we could not continue having children for many reasons (one being post-partum depression on my part). He was compelled... [Read more...]

Conflicting Advice Regarding Need to Reverse Vasectomy

I write in some confusion, as a non-Catholic (non-anything, in fact), but I believe I need advice. I was married for some time, to a Catholic, and we had three children (all now adults). After that, and following consultation with the young and quite liberal priest who married us, I had a vasectomy.... [Read more...]

Returning to Catholic Church After Vasectomy

So I grew up Catholic. When I became an adult I lost my desire to be part of the Church. I stopped going to Mass etc. During this time I was married, not in the Church, and have three kids. I then had a vasectomy. Now I find myself missing the Church and I want my children to know it and the love of... [Read more...]

Are Abnormal Sperm a Concern After Vasectomy Reversal

My new husband is not a Catholic but is willing to undergo a vasectomy reversal at my request. But the clinic where he will have it done said he would need to use a condom until the sperm returns to normal after three months to avoid birth defects. I don’t believe in birth control because I am... [Read more...]

Questions About Perforated Condom

I just found your site as I was searching for a collection condom. I read the answer and question about perforating the condom with a sterile needle to get at least one drop of semen into the women. I have a few questions as I am in the same situation as the anonymous person who asked the question. Does... [Read more...]

Runny Red Seminal Fluid

My question is in regards to the question asked before on Low Volume Red Tinged Ejaculate. I noticed my normal ejaculation go to red runny fluid over the last four years. During this time I had several PSA tests (all normal) and a prostrate biopsy (negative). The doctor even tested a sample for blood... [Read more...]

29 Year OId Man Desperate for Relief

I’m 29 years old and for the last four years I have been seeing a urologist and he always finds a hard spot on my prostate. He performed a biopsy and it was negative but my symptoms keep getting worse. I get lower back pain, painful ejaculations, and have completly lost my sexual desire and my... [Read more...]

Bacteria in Seminal Fluid

My husband went for a sperm count. They found white blood cells and bacteria in it. They didn`t specify what kind of bacteria, however he has been having problems with it for a long time because he has had a cyst in the duct and pain in the testicle, but more pain shooting up along the leg. He went to... [Read more...]

Is One Testicle…Enough?

I am hoping that you will answer this question for me. I am a mom to six kids, five from a previous marriage and one with current husband. My current hubby had a bleeding tumor in his right testicle about 18 months ago. He had to have the testicle removed. We were told by the specialist that we could... [Read more...]

Moral Seminal Fluid Analysis

Hello, I have a question regarding semen analysis. As an observant Jew, my Rabbi has instructed me that the best method of collecting the semen is to use a condom during regular intercourse. I have to make sure that some (even a drop) of the semen gets released into my wife (not the condom). I would... [Read more...]

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