The Pill / Hormonal Suppression / Post-Fertilization

The Pill: Class One Carcinogen

Ever since I heard that the birth control pill and other contraceptives were declared Level One carcinogens by the WHO at the “Spirit and Law Convention” last weekend in Las Vegas, I have been trying to disseminate that information in an attempt to help the Church against President Obama’s... [Read more...]

The Pill to Regulate Cycles—Why Not?

I’ve had irregular periods all my life. I went to several doctors who only told me to wait it out for a couple of years because irregular periods were “normal” at a young age. Well that was six years ago, so I finally went to a GYN and they said that nothing was wrong with me so they... [Read more...]

What to Expect After 24 Years on the Pill

I am a 42 year old female and I have been on birth control since I was 18 years old. I recently stopped taking them three months ago. Will I be able to get pregnant after being on BC that long? If so, what’s a reasonable amount of time before I can conceive? Also my face is breaking out something... [Read more...]

How Long to Get Back to Normal After Stopping the Pill

I was just wondering what are the normal processes after coming off the pill? I decided to come off the pill because I was getting major depression and anxiety as well as weight gain and bloating. I’ve found myself in depression cycles where I’ll be depressed for three days and then happy... [Read more...]

No Birth Control Pill Has Worked For Me

I have been on birth control since I was like 16. Every birth control I have been on, works for like a month and then I break through and bleed for like three weeks. I have been to my Ob/Gyn and he has changed my birth control countless times and I have had a D&C and nothing seems to be working.... [Read more...]

Birth Control Pill Rollercoaster

I have looked at the question(s) regarding stopping BCP and the side effects, but I guess my worries aren’t about the ovulation, but rather the weight fluctuations, and acne that may occur. Here is my story. Right before I got married, I was put on BCP’s, as that is the thing to do. I had... [Read more...]

Worried About Long Term Effects of My Birth Control

I am 18 years of age and just recently started having sex. My boyfriend and I came to a consensus that I start the Pill. Even though we use a condom, we had to take extra measures so I don’t get pregnant. I was injected with Nur-isterate. I read a bit about it on the Net and am scared that it will... [Read more...]

Fear Non-Stop Bleeding if I Stop the Pill

I am 21 years old. I was on the Depo for five straight years and on birth control pills for the past two years, so I have been on a method of birth control (shot then pills) for seven straight years now. I want to get off birth control so I can have a baby in the near future. I am scared that if I stop... [Read more...]

Neither Pill nor Backup Method Needed—with NFP

My doctor wants me to switch the brand of my current birth control pill to a pill that has less estrogen. Can you tell me how long I should wait before I can have intercourse without a backup method or if I even NEED to use a backup method? Thank you.  Read More →

My One and Only Period was at 13

I had my one and only natural menstrual period when I was 13. After three years passed with no other periods, I was tested and I only recall something about no FSH. I was told to take BCP for three months straight when this was found out. This caused periods to occur, but after I quit the BCP, no periods.... [Read more...]

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