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CANFP Physician Experts

Hi there all you wonderful experts. This is the very first time I’ve taken the time to go to this “Ask the Experts” Wow!! What a wonderful service!! My question: A very good pro-life friend of mine (who has nine beautiful children)states her son-in-law, a physician, (who is prolife... [Read more...]

NFP office in Fresno, CA?

Do you have offices available in Fresno, California?  How do you get started?  What do we need?  Read More →

Good NFP brochures

Are there any GOOD pamphlets or booklets that INTRODUCE NFP? I have one, but it doesn’t look professional and it’s way too brief. I know that one brochure or booklet cannot cover the whole thing, but I believe it can introduce it effectively. Please let me know. Thanks.  Read More →

NFP Teacher Training

My husband and I are interested in becoming NFP teachers. How do we get started with this? We have used the Billings Ovulation Method. Do we have to learn the other methods in order to teach? Does CANFP train teachers?  Read More →

I Want More NFP Info!

Hi, My husband & I are very interested in using the methods referred to as “NFP Methods”, but would like to find out more information. Specifically, where the closest classes are. We live between San Jose & San Francisco (East Bay). We just had a baby boy in July, and I am nursing,... [Read more...]

Finding Supportive NFP Doctors

I wanted to know if you have a list of physicians who are educated in or supportive of NFP.  My husband and I have been using NFP for 3 years and just had a son.  My doctor tried rigorously to push birth control at my postpartum visit and I was very uncomfortable.  I would love to find a supportive... [Read more...]

NFP Resources

I was just wondering if there is somewhere I can order charts and stamps over the internet so I do not have to continually call my NFP instructor every few months. Thanks! C.N.  Read More →

Information on NFP?

I am interested in information on NFP.  How can I obtain this information? Thanks, David  Read More →

What makes CANFP an Expert?

With all due respect, what makes you the expert on NFP? Pax Cristi, Diana  Read More →