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Progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone

Dear Doctor, Is there a difference in labs testing for progesterone vs. 17-hydroxyprogesterone? Can you explain why would test for one, as opposed to the other, if there is? Thank you!  Read More →

Estradiol and Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy in Menopause

Dear Doctor, I would like to know your thoughts regarding taking estradiol vaginal inserts or cream, prescribed by my doctor for menopausal symptoms of dryness, thinning, etc. Imvexxy estradiol vaginal inserts were prescribed at recent visit, another time estrace .01% was discussed. My doctor assures... [Read more...]

Charting after Uterine Ablation

Can a client still chart after an uterine ablation for excessive bleeding? She is pre -menopause and would like to be able to chart but may need this surgery since she has become anemic from heavy bleeding. California NFP Teacher  Read More →

Questions About Morning After Pill

Hello, I am the Nurse Manager at a California Pregnancy Counseling Center and I used to be a FertilityCare Practitioner with the Creighton Model. I believe I have contacted you before regarding other topics (like abortion pill reversals or contraception information, etc.) but since these questions will... [Read more...]

Periods Intolerable Since Tubal Ligation

I am 32 years old and live in Nebraska in a small town where there isn’t a single OB GYN that uses NAPRO technology. I have been having issues for some time now, and all they want to do is put me on birth control pills. I think that is going to just cover up the problem rather than take care of... [Read more...]

Long Term Health Issues of Chronic Low Progesterone

Hi—I was diagnosed with low progesterone, after noticing ongoing random (not premenstrual) minor brown spotting a couple times per month. I now take 200 mg oral progesterone pills post-peak, and they seem to have helped. I am wondering about the long term health risks of chronic low progesterone,... [Read more...]

Struggling with Vasectomy

My husband and I were married in the Church 26 years ago. I had converted beforehand, more so for him than for myself. We were blessed with four sons, but my husband felt strongly that we could not continue having children for many reasons (one being post-partum depression on my part). He was compelled... [Read more...]

Want to Use NFP, But Fearful if it Will Work for Me?

Hello I was referred to this website from my parish pastor. I am confused regarding birth control. I understand it is not approved by the Catholic church which is my religion. My husband just recently got out of prison and we would like to plan a pregnancy but maybe next year. I was diagnosed with PCOS... [Read more...]

If I Missed a Shot Could I Get Pregnant?

I didn’t go for my injection the 4th of May. Is it possible for me to get pregnant?  Read More →

Is Endometrial Ablation Moral Option for Heavy Bleeding?

I have very heavy menstrual bleeding and its very unpleasant, embarrassing. This condition affects how I feel, the clothing I wear, and where and when to take vacations. It leaves me tired and anxious. There is now a new approach to treating heavy menstrual bleeding for women who are past their child-bearing... [Read more...]

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