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Four Miscarriages in Two Years

Hi, I am 30 years old and have had four miscariages in the last two years (no live births). During my first pregnancy, at seven weeks, I began to bleed heavy and pass clots. I was put on bed rest for the following six weeks (bled entire time), but miscarried at 1thirteen weeks. It was very painful,... [Read more...]

Messed up Menstrual Cycle

Hi, I am 18 years old, and I’ve had a pretty messed up menstrual cycle since I first started when I was 13. I’ve gone back and forth from hypo to hyperactive thyroid for the past four years. When I was 16 I had a cyst burst on my ovary without even knowing I had it. Two years ago I went... [Read more...]

Is the Depo Causing This?

Hi, I am 15 years old. I just recently have been given my first shot of Depo-Provera Birth Control. I am extremely worried however, because I have only been sexually active for a little over a month now with my boyfriend, and since I have received the Depo Povera shot, during foreplay, I bleed, sometimes... [Read more...]

Bleeding 16 days of every month

I had an ectopic pregnancy in August which was treated with two methotrexate injections and I have been trying to conceive again since March (one unsuccessful year this month!). My LH surge is always on day 13 or 14, periods on day 28 (like a clock) but I do not understand why I get spotting five... [Read more...]

Trying for Two Years

We’ve been trying almost two years to get pregnant; our daughter is five. My insulin level is 24 and on day 22 my progesterone level was 0.80. The MD said it was because I didn’t ovulate. What else can I do? He put me on metformin 1500 mg’s at hs. I don’t understand how to increase... [Read more...]

Serious Reasons to Avoid Pregnancy

My wife and I have been married for eight years and attend daily mass with our five children (5 under the age of 6). We have never used any type of birth control and have always been open to as many children as God desired to send us. All of our children have been born by c-section. We almost lost... [Read more...]


From reading your articles, I infer that marriage is only permissible if the female is capable of bearing children at the inception of the marriage. I note an implied need for the husband to be able to intromit. What about virginal marriage? What about marriage past menopause or post-hysterectomy or... [Read more...]

Hysterectomy and Menopause

I am 51, and had a hysterectomy in 2001 but still have one ovary. I just had my blood tested for menopause and was told I am in the luteal phase, not menopause. When I read up on that phase all I found was information on ovulation and infertility. How does the luteal phase tie in with menopause or does... [Read more...]

Fertility Post Pill

My husband and I have been trying for the past six months to get pregnant. Before I was on birth control pills. Since I have stopped my cycle ranges anywhere from 28 days to 42 days. Is there any way to help conceive any sooner? Should I be concerned? Zoe  Read More →

Questioning Clomid Advice

I am 34 and have been trying to conceive (for the first time) for about 1 1/2 years. We’ve begun seeing a fertility specialist and our tests (the general initial tests for fertility) were all normal except my doctor said she saw only 3-4 follicles on each ovary. Is that reason for concern? My doctor... [Read more...]

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