Post Pill / Hormonal Suppression

Panic About Fertility

I’m having a complete panic about my fertility. I’m 30 years old and stopped taking the pill a few months ago after being on it for many years. I realise they tell you that it takes sometime for your hormones to regulate but I have a terrible feeling something is wrong particularly as I am... [Read more...]

Should I Postpone Pregnancy After the Pill?

I have been on oral contraceptive for over ten years and have recently stopped – about three months now. I plan to become pregnant but am hesitant because I don’t know if there are any complications since being on the pill for so long. I have noticed my period is not a heavy flow as before.... [Read more...]

Return of Fertility After Depo

Hi. This is Nikki and I was wondering. I have been on the shot for about three and a half years and last August was my last shot. I was supposed to get it in November but I did not and ever since November I have not had my period and I am very scared of what is going to happen. When can my husband and... [Read more...]

Is This Because of Pill? Or Abortions?

I was on the pill for nine months last year, then went back on for two months…the pill made me feel very depressed, so I decided to stop. My menstrual cycle became normal after two months. I can’t tell when I ovulate anymore or if I ovulate. After my period my breasts hurt for weeks. Anyway,... [Read more...]

Discontinued Birth Control Pills and Spotting

My problem is with spotting after coming off from birth control pills. I am in my second month off from birth control pills and I started spotting on day 5 after ovulation. I have spotted every day since then and just started my menstrual cycle on day 11 after ovulation. My luteal phase was 10 days.... [Read more...]

Recovering from IUD

I have had the mirena for the last three years. During this time, I was lucky to not have a period after a year of use. I have now removed the iud, and the next day I started my period. It has now been over a week and I still am bleeding. Is this normal to start my period so quickly? Also, I want to... [Read more...]

Interpreting Temperature Following Oral Contraceptives

I stopped taking oral contraceptives two months ago and have had two normal 28 day periods since. This month I started tracking CM and taking temps because we want to try for baby #2. I can see no pattern whatsover on my chart. The lowest temperature was on day 14, but there has been no other patterns.... [Read more...]

Trying to Conceive with Irregular Cycles

We had a baby in March two years ago. I went on the Depo shot for a year following this and then the pill the following year. I have now been off everything since Feb. 1 this year. In July we got pregnant (by some miracle…I have only had one period from Feb. to July). Then in Sept. I miscarried.... [Read more...]

How to Know When Fertile Time Is

Thank you so much for responding to my previous question. I actually started my AF on 11/11, so I am not pregnant. It has now been five months off the pill.  What could I possibly do to increase my chances of getting pregnant? I am currently taking some detox medication to clean my body of any toxins,... [Read more...]

No period since discontinuing the pill

Dear Dr. Expert, I am 22 years old and I have recently discontinued taking the contraceptive pill Marvelon. Prior to taking Marvelon I had been taking Dianette. I had not really been taking Marvelon for all that a long before I decided to discontinue using it, as I became paranoid about the stories of... [Read more...]

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