Male Factors

Best Timing to Conceive?

My wife and I have been trying to conceive since July 2006. We have consulted a good GYN and both of us were tested. My seminal fluid analysis contains about 25 million sperm but the spermatozoan’s mobility was found to be low. For my wife, one ultrasound was made on the 13th day from the beginning... [Read more...]

Questioning Referral to IVF

Hi– my question relates to sperm motility. My total motile count is 26.5 million (Volume 2.6 mL x Sperm count 34 million per mL x %motility .30). In a second test, unfortunately taken after a night of only two hrs. sleep and high stress, apparently all sperm were dead and this has left my wife... [Read more...]

History of Pregnancy Loss

Hello there, Three and four years ago I was diagnosed with partial molar pregnancy, fortunately all my levels and follow up went fine for the whole year. After that I had a full term pregnancy (no problems at all).  But right now I am dealing with a blighted ovum. So my question is, since all the losses... [Read more...]

Effect of Husband’s age on Fertility

I am 24 now and my husband is 37 years of age. We are planning a baby in a few months. I am worried about my husband’s age. Can it affect the child bearing process and can we have a healthy child? He doesn’t have any health or medical problems for now, and he is fit in his sexual life too.... [Read more...]

Sperm Viability

My wife gave birth to our son 6 yrs ago after we tried to get her menstruation more regular.  However, with severe headaches as a result she stopped taking the pill, and he was created.  Over the past 3-4 yrs we have tried for a playmate without success.  I have had semen analysis done which showed... [Read more...]