Inadequate Luteal Phase / Progesterone Deficiency

Is My Premenstrual Spotting Related to My Miscarriages

I am 40 years old, with an almost-three-year-old daughter. My husband and I have been married for eight and a half years. We went through three years of “unexplained infertility” before conceiving our daughter naturally. Since then, we have lost three babies in pregnancy; one loss at 18 weeks... [Read more...]

Treating Low Progesterone

I am 31 years of age and have been using the Creighton Model for the last six years, but have been stumped for the last couple years. My husband and I have two children ages four and three, both of which were healthy, all natural, normal pregnancies. However after the birth of our three yr old, my charts... [Read more...]

How to Address Miscarriage at 40

My husband and I have three beautiful children (ages 6, 5, and 3 1/2) who were conceived at the first or second try and carried to term without any problem. After my third baby was born (I was 37) I noticed that my periods came back following an unusual pattern: they were spaced as they had always been... [Read more...]

Infertility, Miscarriages and Pre-Term Birth

My husband and I have been married for ten years and have always been open to life. We noticed after the first year of marriage we were not conceiving so we began charting using the Billings Method of NFP to conceive and had testing done (nothing wrong). However, we still did not conceive after another... [Read more...]

Is Prometrium Safe While Trying to Conceive?

I am trying to conceive and I have been put on prometrium after the doctor established that I have low progesterone levels. My question is, is it safe to be on a pill form of progesterone while trying to conceive? Your web site seems to only prescribe intramuscular injections or vaginal gel. Thanks, Catherine  Read More →

Timing Progesterone Supplementation

Hello. I have one child who was easily conceived (second month of trying with charting). We are now trying for #2 and have been charting for seven months. I have found that my luteal phase is short (ranges from 7-12 days with an average of ten) so I called my OBGYN. He prescribed progesterone pills that... [Read more...]

Premenstrual Spotting, Short Luteal Phase, and Miscarriage

I am 32 years old and have 3 children. My husband and I have practiced NFP since before our 1st child was born. Since the birth of our 2nd child, I have had premenstrual spotting. It seems to be getting worse. I have always had shorter luteal phases, from 9-12 days, but have also been breastfeeding... [Read more...]

Can Breastfeeding Increase Miscarriage Risk?

I am in desperate need of advice on the subject of pregnancy, breastfeeding and miscarriage. Within the last three months I have had two miscarriages, the first at five weeks+one and the other at five weeks+five gestation. I still breastfeed my 20 month-old daughter, currently about three to four times... [Read more...]

Should Low Progesterone Be Treated?

I’m 35, have been diagnosed with low progesterone from an NFP P.A. She also told me that my FSH and LH ratios are inverted. She said that my symptoms indicate a mild form of Polycystic Overian Syndrom because of this ratio inversion…yet when I read up on this I really don’t have any... [Read more...]

Can Charting Identify Progesterone Insufficiency?

Is a progesterone insufficiency evident through charting? I have been charting for about 1.5 years. When I first started charting my luteal phase hovered around ten days, sometimes dipping to eight to nine days. After some online reading I took Vitamin B6, and my luteal phase soon moved to an average... [Read more...]

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